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Monday, July 14, 2008

Das Uberpost: Really?! Fig Garden?

So the weekend has come and gone and sprinkled throughout, once again, were films. But besides that, I actually got a chance to exit my cave of solitude and gained some street cred this past Sat. night as I prowled the street called Shaw. Who knew that Fig Garden had some shit going on there not old people related? That's how out of it I am, I guess. Sure, I felt the urge to smash everyone in sight (yes, even the hot chicks) as it was if I had just teleported into an episode of The Hills but what are you gonna do, just not my scene. I'll leave the "human interaction" stuff to the professionals around the Fresno blogosphere. But back to the other nerd events of the weekend:

• As I sit here typing this lamenting the fact that this is the first Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that I won't be attending in the past 6 years, Joystiq will be having live updates from the floor show all week, including the press conferences which will be occurring today and tomorrow. But you don't want to support those Hollywood blogs, swing by local blog The Married Gamers as they will also be having constant E3 updates. We'll post some of the major announcements here, too. Fingers crossed for streaming movies over Xbox Live for Netflix subscribers....

• It seems Marvel Studios have decided to do the right thing and give Jon Favreau what he deserved as Deadline Hollywood is reporting that he's coming back to helm Iron Man 2 after some initial cold shoulderin'. Now, let's see if we can get some better action set pieces together in time for the scheduled ridiculous 2010 release date, okay Jon?

• So this week is the week: The Dark Knight is finally coming out and the hype is off the scale. Tickets are being sold at an insane rate so if your planning on seeing the film this weekend, I suggest you buy your tickets soon. I've got mine....for a 6am IMAX showing Friday morning. Yup, 6am. Add that time to the planned screening at midnight and 3am and it's gonna be a very Batman Friday this Friday (poor theater workers). So who's up for the 6am screening?

• Ever play Clastlevania back in the days? Well the video game has a script by film virtuoso Paul W.S. Anderson and guess what? It sucks! The best part? Instead of the trademark whip, Belmont gets a sword. the script review over at CC2K here and see for yourself. Isn't it bad enough you bagged Mila Jovovich now you have to continue destroying everything else? Damn yooz, Anderson!

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