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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dark Knight 6am IMAX screening on Friday: I'll be there. Will you?

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do a 6am screening when I first heard about it. I mean, midnight and 3am screenings were pretty much out of the question, but an early morning screening might be doable. So I told my boss that I'd be coming in a little late Friday morning, bought my ticket and this is where I'm at right now: in Hypesville. The film has garnered such amazing reviews from all across the board (except for this guy from some New York magazine) and add that to the fact that this will be my first time watching a Hollywood IMAX movie. Yeah, I'm sure all that (and the Starbucks I will most assuredly get before the film) will be enough to keep me awake and on the edge of my seat. So when are you planning to see it? Seeing that this weekend might be a little hard to do so, you should join us at the 6am screening! Right now, according to Fandango, there are still tickets left for the screening so bust out your credit card and purchase some and join us. I'll even buy you some Starbucks (offer only valid if you see me at Starbucks and you ask me "Why so serious?") to help you stay awake.


Candyland said...

Which Starbucks is that again? I can't go, but I'll be up!

I'll expect a complete report, as I will undoubtably see this MUCH later than I want to.

brodiemash said...

Oh yeah, I conveniently forgot to mention that little fact. Lets say the one located west of the IMAX at Riverpark. Time? Sometime before 6am;)

Bekki said...

why so serious?


does that count?

cause you know...

I saw the midnight showing... and well... yeah.

i'm gonna see it again!
but not at six am!


brodiemash said...

Tell you what, bekki. Consider yourself "Owed 1 (one) Starbucks drink" from this blogger. I'll get ya next time, promise.

Anonymous said...

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