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Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic Con '08: The Real Ghostbusters complete series set to be released later this year

Diana & I were just having a conversation about this series this past weekend and straight outta Comic Con today comes this epic news that the entire series will be released on 25 DVDs this year. Besides the fact that this cartoon ruined Citizen Kane for me, I loved it. Although the price tag of $179.99 may be a little steep, the hours and hours of extras could make it worth it. I mean 147 episodes? Plus, you know the packaging is gonna be cool (all the DVDs in one of those Ghost Traps? Or Ecto 1 shaped case? Nice!) That's gonna keep you entertained for a very long time. Hit up the Time Life website to check out all the details (IGN has an even better list here)and to put your order in (the way they make it seem is that this will be the only place to get this set from) and if you do order before Sept. 1st, you get an extra 10% off. So are there any other 80's cartoons that you think need to be released on DVD?


PartyMarty said...
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PartyMarty said...

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