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Friday, July 25, 2008

Back To The Future Hoverboard can be yours....for $30k; what would you buy?

Now here's one piece of movie memorabilia I wouldn't mind owning....but not for $30,000! Fuck it, if I had the cash, I'd totally buy that shit (only after I bought my matching McFly Hyper Dunks...the only way to truly Hover Board). I just HATE the damn font they used on the board for the Hover Board part. Really?! An italicised, serif font with a background like that on the most high tech toy of the future?! Bad taste. Check out the full story over here at CrunchGear or just head on over to the eBay auction here to put your bid in. So is there a certain piece of movie memorabilia you'd pay primo bucks for? I'd totally pay some cash for the twin guns El Mariachi delivered justice with in Desperado myself. Leave your dream movie piece wants in the comments below.


PartyMarty said...

I just want Beatrix's Hanzo sword. Maybe Castor Troy's Golden Gunz and a bar of Fight Club soap.

brodiemash said...

The Hanzo sword and Castor's gats would be nice. Silent Bob's trench coat, Indy's whip and Darth Maul's light saber.