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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rumor Control: Johnny Depp as Riddler in next Batman film

Wow. That would be batshit insane! Coming from multiple sources via Nightly, this little nugget could very well be no more than a fanboy's overactive imagination. But lets visit this little wonderland real quick: Yeah, Depp's Riddler would be an awesome follow up to Ledger's Joker. If anyone could make that segway, it's be Depp. Guess we'll just have to wait and see but for now....imagine. What do you guys think about Depp as the Riddler?

Che bootleg trailer appears online

So Soderbergh & company are really having a hard time selling this film. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that even after a somewhat mixed showing at the Cannes Film Festival, no studio has stepped up to distribute. I hope that the film eventually sees the light of day but these days, everyone is cutting back I guess. Check it out while it lasts!

Update: A slightly better version has popped up at Yahoo! Check it out here if you must.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist trailer syncs on the internets

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Some good buzz building around this film and is set to premier at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Lately, I've been watching Arrested Development (what a great show! It truly sucks that it was cancelled....guess I shoulda watched when it was on the air) and Michael Cera has his delivery that hasn't gotten old and seems to humanize him. Not sure how much longer he can keep pulling that off before it gets old but this film will certainly only help his star burn brighter.

Dem Trailers: Swedein' Edition

Yes Man
There's no way around it: Jim Carrey is getting up there, man. And his comedy routine is aging right with him. I long for the days of Dumb & Dumber and Ace Ventura and although those golden times might never be repeated, this trailer seems like it might be a step in the right direction. What do you guys think?

Flash Of Genius
Greg Kinnear I've been following since his days at Talk Soup and I'm glad to see he made it this far. Underdog stories like this one are always a treat and throw in some automobile industry espionage and I'm there (I thought Tucker: The Man And His Dream was an cool ass film). In here, Kinnear's character invents the windshield wiper and big, bad Ford comes in and jacks his idea. Check out the trailer here at Apple.

Sex Drive
A teen comedy that centers around obtaining sex. Yeah, nothing too original in this film but the donut mascot wearing a sombrero along with a few other laughs make this movie go from "Bah!" status to "Mmmm...perhaps" status very quickly. Check it out for yourself over here at Apple.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer materializes

Even after the head fake we all got when we saw the pathetic excuse for a teaser in front of The Dark Knight in IMAX, I'm still excited to see this. And it looks pretty good. Check it out over at Moviefone here.

The DUmb #7 • Nerd Overload

Yup, number 7 so pay no attention to the fact that I refer to this as our 8th podcast in the actually podcast. Yeah, I can't add. So this week, Adrian Rodriguez from Late Update returns as he brought with him a new special, special guest: John Rios! Rios is the creator/artist/writer of Dead Days, the awesome web comic. Joins us as we talk all types of NERD. Be warned! This episode contains more nerdiness than usual. Please be advised! So much in fact that Adrian's presence was almost not felt (it didn't help that the poor guy had the stomach pain of a million warheads). So what did we talk about?

The Dark Knight, of course. Swear, this will be the last time we beat this dead horse...this week. • The Watchmen and it's newly released trailer. • San Diego Comic Con 2008 overview. • A Rodriguez/Rios soundboard prank call. • We talk about our entry for the upcoming Fresno Swede Festival. • E3 2008 overview: The best of the Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony announcements. • Some graphic design flubbs. • Old school video game nostalgia.

And there's more! Download it, check it out and let us know what you think. As usual, NSFW as we tend to cuss a little bit. Feel free to email us comments or if you have any questions or want to be a guest on our humble podcast, drop us a line at Thanks to Late Update for hosting the podcast for us!


W. trailer returns....this time in HD!

So the first time, it got pulled. Now Moviefone has the teaser trailer back up. So if you missed it the first time, click here to see our President hitting a beer bong. Oh this is gonna be good...NYUP!

Das ÜberPost-Rubberband Ball Edition

Well, the end of Comic Con this past week has arrived and although we posted much of the major stuff coming out of there (some of it...actually, most of the vids were eventually pulled) there were some other morsels that slipped by us. So what does that mean? Time for an ÜberPost!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will see it's first trailer drop tonight over at AOL at 9pm EST. We will post it here as soon as it's up but in the mean time, head on over to USA Today here to see some exclusive pictures from the film, including a young Voldemort.

•At Comic Con this weekend promoting Drag Me To Hell, director Sam Raimi revealed that he's is most definitely working with Bruce Campbell on another Evil Dead movie. AWESOMMEEE! Check out the details over here at SlashFilm.

•More Comic Con news, Robert Rodriguez confirmed that Machete, one of his "trailers" from Grindhouse starring the great Danny Trejo, will indeed be expanded upon and turned into a proper film...TRILOGY! Uh... yes, please! The Movie Blog blesses us with the news.

Update on the new film ordanince (nope, it wasn't passed....just yet)

So this morning saw me once again downtown at our beautiful city hall to support the approval of a new city ordnance, of which you can read about on my previous post, that could possibly change the way local filmmakers create here in town. Never one to adept at public speaking, I went up in front of the council to voice my support. After some questions back and forth, including some additional questions for me from Blong Xiong and Henry Perea, the council decided to look into some very valid questions raised (including the wording on the fact that people shooting without permission would be charged with a felony and also the changing of the phrase "nudity" to "public nudity") and speak to some other local filmmakers to see where the community here in town stood on the issue. As long as this issue isn't totally drawn out and the council is quick to do the research on the matter, it's cool with me. Surprisingly, Jerry Duncan moved to approve the ordinance right then and there but no one stood up to second it. Sucks but I guess it might be for the best that everyone is on the same page and those few issues get corrected (it's like wanting to buy that car right now rather than waiting for a better deal next week). The fact that this is even happening here in town excites me to no end and I hope, if this thing does go through, that people here in town take the initiative to go out, create and help put Fresno on the map. Something tells me we will.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another call to arms: Fresno City Council set to vote on filmmaker friendly ordinance tomorrow morning

This was the email sent out by Ray Arthur earlier today (I apologize for it's lateness): 

Dear Friends,
It's been a long journey but the City of Fresno Film Ordinance will be brought to the Fresno City Council on Tuesday, July 29th. It is scheduled as a timed item for 9:30 AM. That means it will be heard at or after 9:30 AM.

The Film Ordinance and Staff Report can be viewed on the City of Fresno website here.

Following is a portion from the Staff Report that notes the changes in the Film Ordinance from its previous version presented in February:

On February 26, 2008, the Fresno Film & Entertainment Commission (FFEC) presented the Fresno City Council with a previous version of this Film Ordinance. Council, at that time, expressed concerns in the areas of required insurance for student and small independent film productions.
With the assistance of the City Attorneys Office, this revised version of the Film Ordinance responds to Council's concerns by incorporating the following changes:

Student Filmmaking will be exempt from both the film permitting process and insurance requirements.

The "Rule of Three" has been expanded to the "Rule of 15." This revision greatly broadens the previous "Rule of Three" to include all productions of 15 people or fewer, providing they use handheld equipment and do not interfere with the general flow of the citizenry.

Two additional definitions, for "hand held devices" and "obstruction," have been added to the definition section of the ordinance to clarify elements of the "Rule of 15."

With the inclusion of these additional revisions the FFEC feels these steps meet the interests expressed by all parties.


How dope is that?! Freakin' Rule of 15?! That's just plain bananas and I'm goddamn excited! This is it right here: this is going to give local filmmakers a lot of room to go out and not worry too much about all the legal mumbo jumbo when your doing a  just for fun project. Hopefully, Fresnans will take advantage of it, too. But for now, we need the Council to come through again on this little ordinance and make this law! If your free tomorrow morning, grab a friend, make signs (alright, maybe no signs), swing by City Hall and help support this lil' gem of an ordinance as well as the growth of our local filmmaker community!

Comic Con 08: Jackman promises Wolverine badassery and "Berzerker Barrages"!

Hugh Jackman gives us a little insight as to what we can expect from the new X-Men Origins-Wolverine film. Will it be badass? Are we going to see a little Berzerker Barrage? I sure hope so. Check out the interview with Hugh and see what he has to say about it.

*NOTE*: The leaked footage videos were taken down so I've reposted them for you. I think these might even be better than the Trailer Addict vids. Enjoy, if you haven't already.

Part 1

Part 2

Comic Con '08: Friday The 13th remake trailer leaked

As technology grows ever so much, we're gonna be getting more and more of these. The footage is blurry cam but you can get the gist of it. The one shot of Jason running as he's getting ready to swing for the fences....yeah, to quote Mr. Harley: I like that shit! Check it out here at Atomic Popcorn (or on the picture above) before it, too, disappears!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 4 min. action clip appears

Yahoo! has posted a pretty sweet 4 min. long clip from the upcoming animated film. Definitely worth your time. Now I know that the hype for this isn't all that but I think this may come through and really surprise. Keeping the sabers crossed (yup, I said it) that it's at least on par with the animated series. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Comic Con '08: X-Men Orgins: Wolverine trailer leaked

As usual, with anything leaked....CATCH IT BEFORE IT'S GONE!

Oliver Stone's W. teaser drops straight outta the Bush compound

So what is this? A parody? A biography? Not too sure how serious to take the film bu tthe tone is definitely leaning more towards that of comedy. Did I miss the scene where Dubya is dressed up as Batman?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wall Street Journal op-ed peice says The Dark Knight's Batman is a Bush allegory

I found this over at Slash Film. Read it. Go ahead, I'll wait. Wow, huh? I guess if you look deep enough into anything, you can see whatever you wanna see. I'm hoping that the Brothers Nolan & David Goyer (the creators of the film's story & script) come out and talk about this little piece. Maybe their intentions were to shine some light towards the great Dubya. But somehow, I really doubt it though. So what do you guys think? Is The Dark Knight George Bush? Does the fact that Rupert Murdoch owns the WSJ have any impact? Discuss freely..

Check out the original Wall Street Journal opinion piece here!

Comic Con '08: The Real Ghostbusters complete series set to be released later this year

Diana & I were just having a conversation about this series this past weekend and straight outta Comic Con today comes this epic news that the entire series will be released on 25 DVDs this year. Besides the fact that this cartoon ruined Citizen Kane for me, I loved it. Although the price tag of $179.99 may be a little steep, the hours and hours of extras could make it worth it. I mean 147 episodes? Plus, you know the packaging is gonna be cool (all the DVDs in one of those Ghost Traps? Or Ecto 1 shaped case? Nice!) That's gonna keep you entertained for a very long time. Hit up the Time Life website to check out all the details (IGN has an even better list here)and to put your order in (the way they make it seem is that this will be the only place to get this set from) and if you do order before Sept. 1st, you get an extra 10% off. So are there any other 80's cartoons that you think need to be released on DVD?

Back To The Future Hoverboard can be yours....for $30k; what would you buy?

Now here's one piece of movie memorabilia I wouldn't mind owning....but not for $30,000! Fuck it, if I had the cash, I'd totally buy that shit (only after I bought my matching McFly Hyper Dunks...the only way to truly Hover Board). I just HATE the damn font they used on the board for the Hover Board part. Really?! An italicised, serif font with a background like that on the most high tech toy of the future?! Bad taste. Check out the full story over here at CrunchGear or just head on over to the eBay auction here to put your bid in. So is there a certain piece of movie memorabilia you'd pay primo bucks for? I'd totally pay some cash for the twin guns El Mariachi delivered justice with in Desperado myself. Leave your dream movie piece wants in the comments below.

Fresno Swede Festival update; deadline pushed back

So the other day, William Raines and I were having tea & biscuits and I asked him "Why is the deadline Aug. 1st? Wouldn't it be better if we gave the people an extra weekend to work on their swede by extending the deadline to Aug. 3rd instead?" And after a brutal tea & biscuit eating contest, I came out the victor and the deadline has indeed been pushed back to August 3rd so get cracking on those swedes, [insert your hometown here]! Remember to check out the original post for any more details or if you have a question, please email us here at or And if you don't have a swede to submit, feel free to come on by Corridor 2122 on Aug. 9th and see what your community has created. Bring a friend (or twenty) and spread the word. It's gonna be TIGHT! (tightness not guaranteed)

Comic Con '08: Tron 2 footage screened; Jeff Bridges returns

I've never at down and watched Tron all the way through. Yeah, sorry but I haven't. I will, though....eventually. But I digress. Disney pulled off a top secret announcement this week at Comic Con by showing footage from the sequel the to 1982 film that destroyed peoples minds with it's special effects and gave video game players a much needed lift in the confidence column. Check out the story here at Aintitcool and then head on over here to check out some more details about the footage screened. So far we know this:

• Jeff Bridges is back....and the bad guy?!
• The title is Tr2n (reminds me of 2 Fast 2 Furious...bah!)
• Rumors are that the film will be in 3-D
• That guy up there won't be in it

So what do you guys think? Can the modern world be as enthusiastic about this film as audiences were when it was originally released?

Comic Con '08: New Rocknrolla trailer drops on the webernetz


So could this a proper return to form for Guy Ritchie? After Revolver and Swept Away I certainly hope so. I need the magic of Lock, Stock... and Snatch to return cause those were bloody brilliant! What you you guys think of this so far?

Darren Aronofsky confirmed for Robocop

Bad News: Yup, they're making another Robocop. Good News: Darren Aronofsky has been tapped to helm the production. (Robo Ass-to-Ass?) Aronofsky is a great choice to take on this franchise, I believe. If he can jump into this and take what Paul Verhoeven did with he first film (yeah, lets try to forget the two Frank Miller penned sequels....except for the bad ass robot from part 2....awesome!) we might have something cool in our hands here. Supposedly, the story takes place 20 years after the Robocop program was terminated in Detroit and now it a similar program is about to get Los Angeles. Hmmmm....Check out The Hollywood Reporter here for all the details. So is this a good or bad thing that Robocop is coming back into our cinemas?

Comic Con '08: Punisher War Zone footage posted; New trailer also ready to punish you

Hmmm...well, at least we're getting some new stuff outta Comic Con (happening this weekend down south in San Diego) but not totally impressed by this footage. Still looking forward to it, Jigsaw looks pretty cool but at least they have until December to iron out any kinks. What do you think of the footage?

UPDATE: Well, some breaking news coming from Harry Knowles over at Aintitcoolnews. Apparently, the director of this film, Lexi Alexander, has been pulled off the film. What does that mean? Get all the details over here. Fucken movie studios....guess we'll never see a truly great Punisher film on the big screen. Or maybe this was a good thing? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

UPDATE 2: A full trailer which was also shown at the show has been embedded here. If you want, head on over to Spike here for the trailer in beautiful Quicktime HD

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catch me Flowing With Famous over at Fresno Famous

Swear I can never have too much alliteration...So this week I had the honor of being a special, special guest over at the Fresno Famous podcast, Flowing With Famous! I joined hosts Famous Whitewater & The Fresnan as we talk about Timmy T, Autry vs. Dyer cagematch, the upcoming awesomeness that is the Fresno Swede Festival & the state of the Fresno film community and how we united to slay the City Council dragon to save the princess (sorry about the analogy, Ray). Yup, good times. So take a break from editing that swede, head on over here, download it and take a gander and leave us some comments!

New Mighty Muggs revealed at Comic Con; Transformers & G.I. Joe are next

Lets get something straight: I buy toys, action figures, dolls, whatever you wanna call them. Right now, I'm on a Mighty Muggs binge. The design is simple. The lines are crisp. And the packaging is super minimalistic. I love them. But I've decided to stop before it gets outta hand (which Diana will argue it already has) and simply get the cool ones (but they're ALL so cool!). Well, Comic Con has always brought us some good toy news and this year doesn't fail: Hasbro has announced that in addition to there Star Wars, Marvel & Indiana Jones lines, they're now bringing Transformers & G.I. Joe into the fold! Not to excited about G.I. Joe (although I'll probably swoop that Snake Eyes up there) and Transformers are cool but not sure about how well they'll translate in Muggs form. The pics up there look cool, though. Check out more Transformers pics here and the G.I. Joe pics can be found here. Also, while looking around, I came across Mighty Muggs Lounge. This blog is dedicated to all things Mighty Muggs, If your interested, you gotta check it out. Also, coming out later this year, Hasbro will be releasing blanks so you can create your own characters (I sense a brodiemash figure coming soon). Maybe once they're released, we'll have some kind of contest here to see who can create the best Fresno related custom Mighty Mugg (Autry? Chief Dyer? Pat Hill? K-Fed? Mike Oz?) Now I'm off to my weekly Muggs hunt at local Targets.

Local students produce documentary; screening scheduled for tonight at Tower Theater

Nothing makes me happier than to hear of local productions (well, there are some things but we won't go into that here) and earlier this week as I was surfing the internetz, I came across this little story of info over at Late Update. Seems like Center for Multicultural Cooperation (in collabo with Zero Divide) have helped students make their very own 30 minute documentary called Common Ground, which details the lives of three Valley families who migrated here and have created new lives for themselves while working in the ag industry. The families (whom come from Hispanic, Hmong and African-American backgrounds) were followed and interviewed by the students. And if you head down to the FREE screening of the film this Thursday, July 24th at 7pm, said students will be on hand to discuss the making of the film. All I know is that I wish these kinda of programs were around when I was a kid. All I had was Bookit and Troll book orders. Hope to see you guys out there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight....sweded!

Last week, I issued a challenge for someone to swede The Dark Knight. Well, it might not be a local product, but these guys have done it. And a wonderful job they did. I even like the ad libs they did....pretty good. This one reeks of effort & time but remember, if your working on your swede for the upcoming Swede Festival, it doesn't have to be this in depth....but by all means, feel free to take it this far. PartyMarty posted this originally over at GraFightJunkie.

Pineapple Express drops some new clips

The comedies are coming, THE COMEDIES ARE COMING! With Step Brothers this weekend, the end of summer funny films are hitting the theater. And of course, that means clips galore. Head on over to Collider here to check out six clips from Pineapple Express, the upcoming film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. So you guys think this is gonna be this years Superbad? Who knows but foot in the windshield is always funny.... Between this and Tropic Thunder, I'm not sure which one I'm looking more forward to watching. Thanks to Jay for the link!

BATTLE!: New Yorker vs. Vanity Fair - Who's got the better artwork?

Hey, comic art is comic art. Be it superheroes or politicians (can one argue that politicians are the closest things we have in this world to superheroes? Discuss!). As I'm sure you've heard the controversy last week when The New Yorker published the satirical piece of Obama in Muslim gear and his wife all Black Panthered out (not the super hero, mind you) and the shit storm that came out of that. Well, Vanity Fair has gone ahead and published a McCain version of that piece. A parody of the parody, if you will. And while The New Yorker caught all the heat, Vanity Fair gets to come in and steal the laughs that the former was going for. PWNED! So are hard feelings between the two magazines? It doesn't really matter cause they share the same Condé Nast building and are owned by the same company. All I can say, I'm digging the Vanity Fair artist's style more so than the New Yorker one. Who's art do you think is better? Oh yeah, also, how do you think this'll effect the upcoming blah, blah, blah....fuck it! I'm just talking art, here! Who wins?

This comic ran in the New York Daily News on July 15th. someone biting, here?

Zero Puncuation: Age Of Conan Review

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Does Cruise feel the need...the need for Top Gun 2?

So soothsayers have been preaching and preaching about the horrible death that was the career of Tom Cruise. I think those people are greatly exaggerating the whole thing (although I do believe that the whole Scientology thing hasn't helped his image one bit. Neither has his official web site). Sure, his last film, Lions For Lambs tanked. His fallout with Paramount Pictures has been well publicized for quite sometime now. His next big film, Valkyrie, has been constantly delayed. But does this spell the end? I don't know. And I also don't know if this is good or bad news: The Sun (a pilar of truth, BTW) is reporting that a sequel to the 1986 hit film Top Gun has a script and is or has been read over by Maverick himself. Apparently, Cruise will reprise his role and will now be an instructor at the school and is dealing with a cocky new females student....whom he will, undoubtedly, sleep with. Seems kinda lame, huh? Maybe we need to go darker. Have Maverick be a Gulf War vet with PTS disorder and when he returns to his home....oh, wait a minute. This sounds familiar. Oh well, the teacher banging student thing works I guess. So would you be interested in seeing this film?

Monday, July 21, 2008

NSFW: Funny or Die brings us some red band Step Brothers goodness

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

I haven't looked forward to a Will Ferrell film in a....actually, not ever. I have been pleasantly surprised, though (Anchorman). Can this reverse my stigma that Ferrell isn't that funny (don't get me wrong, he has his moments of glory). Perhaps but this stuff looks pretty good. Him and John C. Reilly can really play off of each other in these roles. After The Dark Knight, we need some humor injected into our cinemas. Now we wait and see who is going to win Comedy Of The Summer: Step Brothers or Pineapple Express. Which one are you looking more towards?

Das ÜberPost-Clam Chowder Edition

I loves me some clam chowder! And with that, lets continue on with the show:

• This little comic comes from The Rut and it helped me get my week off on the right foot. Thanks to battledrill for this lil' nugget of laughter.

• Oh, that little film that opened this weekened about some dude's dressed up as a bat and a clown? Yeah, it made a whole bunch of money. Like, the most ever in a weekend. The previous record holder was a film about some dude who dressed up as a spider. What's this world coming too?

Ebert & Roeper are done. I guess ABC wanted to take the show in a different direction so the show, as we know it, is done. I knew the end was near when they stopped using the infamous "Thumbs Up/ Thumb Down" technique of reviewing films. That was weak...

• I know that The Boondock Saints has a cult following. When I originally saw the movie years ago, I was entertained, but never thought that it was that great. Then came Overnight. That made me hate the film even more (seriously, watch the trailer. It's truly captivating how someone can self destruct). Well Troy Duffy is a changed man now and has been de-blacklisted and is making a sequel to his first film. If your interested, check out the plot details here at Slash Film.

Aintitcool has posted some dope Bill Sienkiewicz production artwork from The Dark Knight. Love this guy. Some of you might remember he did the cover for RZA's Bobby Digital ...In Stereo album a couple years back. Of course, I'll always remember him from his awesome comic book work on Elektra: Assassin.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

E3 2008: So to summarize everything....

The troof from the guys at Penny Arcade. So to sum it all up: Microsoft surged ahead....slightly, Nintendo kinda festered in their comfortable pool of sales and Sony looked like a blindfolded child swinging a broken broomstick wildly, begging for a piñata hit....but it never came. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Sony is in a very sad state and shit just gets worse and worse for them. I seriously hope they have some ace up their sleeve.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Simon Pegg learns us How To Lose Friends and Alienate People.

I remember seeing the cardboard standee for this flick in the lobby at Manchester when I saw Wall-E. Today I found this trailer so I figured I'd share it with yous guys. The comedy is based on British writer Toby Young's 2001 memoir, also titled "How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. Since I'm lazy, I'll let Wiki explain the films plot. Thanks Wik. Why yes, there is an official website, so glad you asked. I've never seen "Shaun"(yeah, I know) but I really enjoyed "Fuzz", "Shit just got real". Should be lots of laughs. Megan Fox, yeay. Look for it October 3rd.


Dem Reviews: The Dark Knight

So how can I write a review that won't sound like all the others? Because I agree with most of them: this film is very, very good. The fanboy in me loved it. The filmmaker, too. So instead of me sitting here and regurgitating what every other reviewer has, I'm going to point out the one thing that didn't make it the most perfect film I've ever seen.

The Batman - Never during the entire 2.5 hour run of the film did I fear the flying rodent. His fighting style is comparable to how I would imagine the Kool-Aid man would look like if he knew kung fu. Maybe it's the suit's bulky design, but I think Nolan's decision to humanize Batman and show that he is a man in a suit by choosing some lengthy shots still detracted from the Batman experience for me. When Batman is around, he's god. Or at least he's supposed to make his opponents think so. Oh yeah, and the return of the gravely voice from the first one returns....NOW WITH MORE GRAVEL! Ugh....

Sure, one might see this as my fanboyism manifesting itself and I would probably more than agree with you. I can't change that, sorry. I loves me my comics! But to counter my one claim (before people get all pissy) about the film, I would still say that this is the best film I've seen this year, without a doubt. The script and film, as a whole, can only be described as dynamic & visceral and it's always awesome to see the universe building as sequels come out. They give you the fodder for one to imagine what else is out there in the Gotham universe. If you can spare the extra $5 or so, go see it in IMAX. It's totally worth it. This was my first full length feature film I've seen in the format and I'm in love. And I'm sure you will be, too. So.....anyone gonna swede this bad boy for the festival?

The Dark Knight


ep·ic [ep-ik] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –adjective Also, ep·i·cal.

1.noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style: Homer's Iliad is an epic poem.
2.resembling or suggesting such poetry: an epic novel on the founding of the country.
3.heroic; majestic; impressively great: the epic events of the war.
4.of unusually great size or extent: a crime wave of epic proportions.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

UPDATE: Official Watchmen trailer drops

UPDATE 3: Apple has posted the HD version over here. So pretty!

Man On Wire trailer amazes

Well, since I had already posted a Dem Trailers this week, I decided to give this trailer it's own post simply on the fact on how dope it it. I know, I know...we post individual trailers all the time. Yeah, but those are the ones that us fanboys salivate over. This film isn't one of those. Instead, it's a documentary about a Frenchman named Philippe Petit who in 1974 illegally walked a tightrope between the twin towers. The film covers all the aspects of the daring exhibit. That's it, just go watch it and prepare to put the film on your "Must Watch" list. Check out the trailer here at Apple.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ZDLR Returns.

Maybe you are just like me. Every new hip hop song sounds like souljah boy and lil wayne. Maybe you also realize that the underground hip hop coming out lately is reminiscent of what RZA and PRIMO did umm... about 10years ago. All in all, hip hop is somewhat bland and has lost the ability to pump you up. Well, Zach De La Rocha is back. And he brought some shit that I haven't been as pumped up for since well, the last RATM album.

So check out One Day As A Lion - Wild International and let your ears be raped happily.

Powerful Linkage OMGTWFBBQ

The Dark Knight 6am IMAX screening on Friday: I'll be there. Will you?

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do a 6am screening when I first heard about it. I mean, midnight and 3am screenings were pretty much out of the question, but an early morning screening might be doable. So I told my boss that I'd be coming in a little late Friday morning, bought my ticket and this is where I'm at right now: in Hypesville. The film has garnered such amazing reviews from all across the board (except for this guy from some New York magazine) and add that to the fact that this will be my first time watching a Hollywood IMAX movie. Yeah, I'm sure all that (and the Starbucks I will most assuredly get before the film) will be enough to keep me awake and on the edge of my seat. So when are you planning to see it? Seeing that this weekend might be a little hard to do so, you should join us at the 6am screening! Right now, according to Fandango, there are still tickets left for the screening so bust out your credit card and purchase some and join us. I'll even buy you some Starbucks (offer only valid if you see me at Starbucks and you ask me "Why so serious?") to help you stay awake.

Terminator Salvation teaser wants you to come with it if you want to live

Yeah, that headline was a stretch but whutever. The teaser for the McG directed film is going to be attached to prints of The Dark Knight this weekend and is a reboot for the series. Christian Bale plays John Connor in the future waging war with the machines. Sounds pretty cool, actually (I thought the 3rd film was surprisingly alright, too). Hopefully it'll be better than the TV series. So what do you guys think?

UPDATE: See it in HD as Yahoo! has officially posted the teaser here. Nice!

Dem Trailers: E3 Sucks Edition

Recently I was thinking about how far would I go if I knew someone had maliciously killed one of my dogs. How far would I go to get a person back if they intentionally ran over my dog, you know...would I try to retaliate? Well, this film kinda of touches on those feelings. I love the Cox and it's good to see Tom Sizemore back in front of the camera (and not in an X-rated film) too. So if you want to find out what's under that red cover up in that picture, check out the trailer over here at Apple.

In Search Of A Midnight Kiss
This one made me chuckle. Although the premise isn't entirely unique, the photography and dialogue real make this trailer shine. There's a lot of fancy pull quotes sprinkled through the trailer hailing this as the film that will "restore your faith in indie films" and whatnot but move all that noise aside and just take into the images....good stuff. Check out the trailer here at Apple.

Based of the novel The Dying Animal from Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Roth, the film stars Sir Ben Kingsley, Penelope Cruz & Dennis Hopper. Yeah, that's a mighty impressive cast and the trailer looks cool. "Old age is not for sissies". That's a great quote! Check it out over here at Apple and let us know what you think.

Zero Puncuation: Alone In The Dark Review

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New "The Spirit" trailer leaked, then yanked.

The latest trailer for the upcoming film "The Spirit" found it's way onto just about every movie site and blog on the web today only to be removed soon after by the powers that be. The people have spoken and so far, it seems like most of them are saying "DO NOT WANT", especially the Spirit/Eisner fanboys. Either way, we have it here so check it out for yourself and let us know what you thought of it.

UPDATE: The official, HD Quicktime version of the trailer has just been posted over at Yahoo! here.

Source:Daily Motion

E3 2008: Final Fantasy XIII officially announced for 360; "petition" against developer begins

Good to see E3 bring out rage in people....even if it is staged! Probably the biggest news (for me) to come out of this thus far somewhat lame E3 came yesterday when the once PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII was announced to be released on the rival Xbox 360 (in America & Europe only; the game remains a Sony exclusive in Japan). I'm not going to say I'm a hardcore Final Fantasy fan mainly because I've only ever beaten FF7 when I was in college and although I've purchased just about every single iteration since then, I have yet to have the follow through to beat the games. Something about spending 80+ hours seems a bit daunting. But regardless, I will buy XIII when it comes out. But a lot of fanboys are pissed (as would I be) that Square-Enix, the developer of the Final Fantasy series, has apparently sold their souls to the higher bidder and decided to cross their dedicated fan base. Hence this NSFW (language) video embedded up there from Kevin Bowen. Pure gold. Just sit back, hit play and witness a fanboy scorned....don't worry, it's more than likely fake but I'm sure there are some people out there that truly feel this way.

E3 2008: Nintendo & Sony press conferences deliver nothing spectacular

Hmmm, so far, it seems like I'm not missing much from this years E3 except for a big letdown (last years was pretty bad, too). Sure, it'd still be nice to be dining on free booze as I play some of the latest games but this mornings press conferences from two of the industry's giants proved very much uneventful. Not a single damn thing excited me from Nintendo and the PS3 price cut was the only "meh" moment of Sony's presentation. 'sigh' Maybe next year, huh? Check out Joystiq for more thorough recaps on today's events and the upcoming days as well.

Monday, July 14, 2008

E3 2008: Netflix teaming up with Xbox Live to offer "free" streaming movies for Netflix subscribers

And it happened. As if I needed any more reason to stay in and watch movies, having them instantly available to watch via my Xbox 360 is only going to further hurt my "going out" streak. True, streaming films from Netflix isn't anything new but the ability to use my 360 instead of shelling out $100 for the stand alone set top is cool with me. Oh yeah and by "free" they mean you have to be a Netflix subscriber PLUS you have to have an Xbox Live Gold account, which will run you $50 a year. Still, not too bad. Sure the content won't be HD but they're hinting at it going that way in the near future. Life is good. The service is tentatively on schedule to go live this fall along with a redesigned Dashboard. Check out Engadget here for more info. I love E3 time....

E3 2008: Rock Band 2 playlist revealed; Chinese Democracy track included

I know a lot of people that be loving teh Rock Band. Me, not so much. To me, it's just a more complicated Guitar Hero (of which I own, twice) but I'm totally for the "audience involvement" it brings to parties. But those drums just rock my ass every time. A case of no rhythm, I guess. Anyways, EA has revealed the set list for the upcoming sequel and there are some good stuff there. Always down for some Rage, Beck and Chili Peppers. And I'm sure the fact that there will be a Guns N' Roses track off there super hyped, oft delayed Chinese Democracy album will undoubtedly move a few more units. Check out the whole list over here at IGN and see if your favorites made it. Let us know who you think is missing from the list and which entries don't really deserve to be on there.

Das Uberpost: Really?! Fig Garden?

So the weekend has come and gone and sprinkled throughout, once again, were films. But besides that, I actually got a chance to exit my cave of solitude and gained some street cred this past Sat. night as I prowled the street called Shaw. Who knew that Fig Garden had some shit going on there not old people related? That's how out of it I am, I guess. Sure, I felt the urge to smash everyone in sight (yes, even the hot chicks) as it was if I had just teleported into an episode of The Hills but what are you gonna do, just not my scene. I'll leave the "human interaction" stuff to the professionals around the Fresno blogosphere. But back to the other nerd events of the weekend:

• As I sit here typing this lamenting the fact that this is the first Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that I won't be attending in the past 6 years, Joystiq will be having live updates from the floor show all week, including the press conferences which will be occurring today and tomorrow. But you don't want to support those Hollywood blogs, swing by local blog The Married Gamers as they will also be having constant E3 updates. We'll post some of the major announcements here, too. Fingers crossed for streaming movies over Xbox Live for Netflix subscribers....

• It seems Marvel Studios have decided to do the right thing and give Jon Favreau what he deserved as Deadline Hollywood is reporting that he's coming back to helm Iron Man 2 after some initial cold shoulderin'. Now, let's see if we can get some better action set pieces together in time for the scheduled ridiculous 2010 release date, okay Jon?

• So this week is the week: The Dark Knight is finally coming out and the hype is off the scale. Tickets are being sold at an insane rate so if your planning on seeing the film this weekend, I suggest you buy your tickets soon. I've got mine....for a 6am IMAX showing Friday morning. Yup, 6am. Add that time to the planned screening at midnight and 3am and it's gonna be a very Batman Friday this Friday (poor theater workers). So who's up for the 6am screening?

• Ever play Clastlevania back in the days? Well the video game has a script by film virtuoso Paul W.S. Anderson and guess what? It sucks! The best part? Instead of the trademark whip, Belmont gets a sword. the script review over at CC2K here and see for yourself. Isn't it bad enough you bagged Mila Jovovich now you have to continue destroying everything else? Damn yooz, Anderson!