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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight....sweded!

Last week, I issued a challenge for someone to swede The Dark Knight. Well, it might not be a local product, but these guys have done it. And a wonderful job they did. I even like the ad libs they did....pretty good. This one reeks of effort & time but remember, if your working on your swede for the upcoming Swede Festival, it doesn't have to be this in depth....but by all means, feel free to take it this far. PartyMarty posted this originally over at GraFightJunkie.


Revenge of The Seamonkey. said...

First off, I have to say that video really impressed me…
Secondly, you inspired me to hunt for spoofs, spin-offs, etc.

So, I thought I would share.
[sort of]

First, the video you showed, had a “sneak peek” made, it features footage that wasn’t actually shown on the original clip.
They also had a “behind the scenes”

I also found, I hadn’t seen the clip they were referencing , so I started here
It doesn’t really spoof “The Dark Knight” per se but I think it’s done rather well.

But after finding the last two I found this, which has nothing to do with “The Dark Knight” but I found it funny to giggle at…

Lastly, after seeing “The Dark Knight” for a second time I would have to say that it’s WAY better on the IMAX screen. [Which, is where I saw it for the midnight showing]

Anyway, I found a few others but most of them were lacking to be perfectly honest.
So I didn’t feel the need to share.But, I dug up information on this “swede film fest” noticed it was at Corridor 2122, which happens to be where a few of my teachers studios are…fun!….
… and Interesting… I think I might have to check it out.
And scare them.
Because that’s my job.
Yes…. It is.

Weeeee… wow that was a long comment…

brodiemash said...

Is it Seamonkey or Bekki? Anyways, I believe you get the award for longest comment ever here on the blog. Hope you enjoy the No Prize currently headed your way! Thanks for all your links and I'm sure we'll be seeing a grip of Dark Knight stuff popping up all over the net for the next couple of months (you know everyone and their mothers will be dressing up as the Joker come Halloween).

I just saw TDK again last night on the non-IMAX screen and totally agree with you: IMAX FTMFW!!

Hope to see out at Corridor for the Swede Festival! Scare away!

Revenge of The Seamonkey. said...

It's both... but I was signed into gmail and I was like "waaah..I have an account here?"

Apparently I made one and forgot... Oh well..

HEY... I posted the short one ;p