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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catch me Flowing With Famous over at Fresno Famous

Swear I can never have too much alliteration...So this week I had the honor of being a special, special guest over at the Fresno Famous podcast, Flowing With Famous! I joined hosts Famous Whitewater & The Fresnan as we talk about Timmy T, Autry vs. Dyer cagematch, the upcoming awesomeness that is the Fresno Swede Festival & the state of the Fresno film community and how we united to slay the City Council dragon to save the princess (sorry about the analogy, Ray). Yup, good times. So take a break from editing that swede, head on over here, download it and take a gander and leave us some comments!


barrazie said...

you r THE podcast whore! It may be jealousy, but its the troof.

The Fresnan said...

Thanks for doing Flowing Roque! It was fun, even with our lame audio problems.

Wish I was at Comi Con instead of posting a comment here though :(

brodiemash said...

Hey, it happens. The audio still came out better than our lame ass setup.

Yeah, we should start a comic geek caravan....shit, maybe a party bus to Comic Con! A lot of alcohol can be consumed between here and there...