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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mark Millar discusses his Superman dream film

No matter what you thought of last week's #2 film in the box office, Wanted is a success. Raking in over $50 million in the box office (and that's going up against the Pixar juggernaut named Wall-E), creator Mark Millar has gain even more Hollywood clout. In the past Millar had spoken about his dream project: writing a Superman film. With the commercial failure of 2006's Superman Returns, the future doesn't look very bright for Millar. Pile that on top of the fact the Millar has, in the past, said some very no so nice things about the people over at DC Comics. But with his new found "power" can that be changing? Well, Slash Film has a real good write up on the latest on Millar's quest to get the ball rolling on Superman in which the writer talks that the film is pretty much a go with a director already attached and an announcement to come before Christmas. Awesome. Even if it is more of Millar's hype machine, it's always good to dream. Maybe, we can finally get a Superman film that is on par with what Christopher Nolan has done with the Batman franchise. 

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