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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 2008: Nintendo & Sony press conferences deliver nothing spectacular

Hmmm, so far, it seems like I'm not missing much from this years E3 except for a big letdown (last years was pretty bad, too). Sure, it'd still be nice to be dining on free booze as I play some of the latest games but this mornings press conferences from two of the industry's giants proved very much uneventful. Not a single damn thing excited me from Nintendo and the PS3 price cut was the only "meh" moment of Sony's presentation. 'sigh' Maybe next year, huh? Check out Joystiq for more thorough recaps on today's events and the upcoming days as well.


Battledrill said...

PAX is the new E3.

brodiemash said...

I'd have to agree that PAX is quickly become the place to go. So you down to head up to Seattle, mang?