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Monday, July 14, 2008

E3 2008: Netflix teaming up with Xbox Live to offer "free" streaming movies for Netflix subscribers

And it happened. As if I needed any more reason to stay in and watch movies, having them instantly available to watch via my Xbox 360 is only going to further hurt my "going out" streak. True, streaming films from Netflix isn't anything new but the ability to use my 360 instead of shelling out $100 for the stand alone set top is cool with me. Oh yeah and by "free" they mean you have to be a Netflix subscriber PLUS you have to have an Xbox Live Gold account, which will run you $50 a year. Still, not too bad. Sure the content won't be HD but they're hinting at it going that way in the near future. Life is good. The service is tentatively on schedule to go live this fall along with a redesigned Dashboard. Check out Engadget here for more info. I love E3 time....


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brodiemash said...

C'mon...actually, no HD is a pretty big thing but as long as they're working on it, that's good wnough for me. Don't need to see The Office in HD really-dough!