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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Das ÜberPost-Rubberband Ball Edition

Well, the end of Comic Con this past week has arrived and although we posted much of the major stuff coming out of there (some of it...actually, most of the vids were eventually pulled) there were some other morsels that slipped by us. So what does that mean? Time for an ÜberPost!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will see it's first trailer drop tonight over at AOL at 9pm EST. We will post it here as soon as it's up but in the mean time, head on over to USA Today here to see some exclusive pictures from the film, including a young Voldemort.

•At Comic Con this weekend promoting Drag Me To Hell, director Sam Raimi revealed that he's is most definitely working with Bruce Campbell on another Evil Dead movie. AWESOMMEEE! Check out the details over here at SlashFilm.

•More Comic Con news, Robert Rodriguez confirmed that Machete, one of his "trailers" from Grindhouse starring the great Danny Trejo, will indeed be expanded upon and turned into a proper film...TRILOGY! Uh... yes, please! The Movie Blog blesses us with the news.

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