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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Mighty Muggs revealed at Comic Con; Transformers & G.I. Joe are next

Lets get something straight: I buy toys, action figures, dolls, whatever you wanna call them. Right now, I'm on a Mighty Muggs binge. The design is simple. The lines are crisp. And the packaging is super minimalistic. I love them. But I've decided to stop before it gets outta hand (which Diana will argue it already has) and simply get the cool ones (but they're ALL so cool!). Well, Comic Con has always brought us some good toy news and this year doesn't fail: Hasbro has announced that in addition to there Star Wars, Marvel & Indiana Jones lines, they're now bringing Transformers & G.I. Joe into the fold! Not to excited about G.I. Joe (although I'll probably swoop that Snake Eyes up there) and Transformers are cool but not sure about how well they'll translate in Muggs form. The pics up there look cool, though. Check out more Transformers pics here and the G.I. Joe pics can be found here. Also, while looking around, I came across Mighty Muggs Lounge. This blog is dedicated to all things Mighty Muggs, If your interested, you gotta check it out. Also, coming out later this year, Hasbro will be releasing blanks so you can create your own characters (I sense a brodiemash figure coming soon). Maybe once they're released, we'll have some kind of contest here to see who can create the best Fresno related custom Mighty Mugg (Autry? Chief Dyer? Pat Hill? K-Fed? Mike Oz?) Now I'm off to my weekly Muggs hunt at local Targets.


PartyMarty said...

A binge, sir? You are totally obsessed with those "Muggs". I'll just say that I'd take Soundwave and Storm Shadow. Don't even try to say you have samesies. One day, I'll make that MF Doom Mighty Mugg and it WILL be epic.

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