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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BATTLE!: New Yorker vs. Vanity Fair - Who's got the better artwork?

Hey, comic art is comic art. Be it superheroes or politicians (can one argue that politicians are the closest things we have in this world to superheroes? Discuss!). As I'm sure you've heard the controversy last week when The New Yorker published the satirical piece of Obama in Muslim gear and his wife all Black Panthered out (not the super hero, mind you) and the shit storm that came out of that. Well, Vanity Fair has gone ahead and published a McCain version of that piece. A parody of the parody, if you will. And while The New Yorker caught all the heat, Vanity Fair gets to come in and steal the laughs that the former was going for. PWNED! So are hard feelings between the two magazines? It doesn't really matter cause they share the same Condé Nast building and are owned by the same company. All I can say, I'm digging the Vanity Fair artist's style more so than the New Yorker one. Who's art do you think is better? Oh yeah, also, how do you think this'll effect the upcoming blah, blah, blah....fuck it! I'm just talking art, here! Who wins?

This comic ran in the New York Daily News on July 15th. someone biting, here?

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