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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fresno Swede Festival update; deadline pushed back

So the other day, William Raines and I were having tea & biscuits and I asked him "Why is the deadline Aug. 1st? Wouldn't it be better if we gave the people an extra weekend to work on their swede by extending the deadline to Aug. 3rd instead?" And after a brutal tea & biscuit eating contest, I came out the victor and the deadline has indeed been pushed back to August 3rd so get cracking on those swedes, [insert your hometown here]! Remember to check out the original post for any more details or if you have a question, please email us here at or And if you don't have a swede to submit, feel free to come on by Corridor 2122 on Aug. 9th and see what your community has created. Bring a friend (or twenty) and spread the word. It's gonna be TIGHT! (tightness not guaranteed)

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