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Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic Con 08: Jackman promises Wolverine badassery and "Berzerker Barrages"!

Hugh Jackman gives us a little insight as to what we can expect from the new X-Men Origins-Wolverine film. Will it be badass? Are we going to see a little Berzerker Barrage? I sure hope so. Check out the interview with Hugh and see what he has to say about it.

*NOTE*: The leaked footage videos were taken down so I've reposted them for you. I think these might even be better than the Trailer Addict vids. Enjoy, if you haven't already.

Part 1

Part 2


brodiemash said...

Awesomeness! Thanks for the post-post update, sir! Seriously...I have this deep down fear that this might end up sucking ass. It's weird, yeah, I know but still....that little doubt is nagging.

Battledrill said...

This might suck ass because Deadpool is more leet with a mask on. Fucken Ghey.

The Fresnan said...

Damn I love this blog.

brodiemash said...

battledrill: Agreed on the Deadpool mask thing. The coolest moment of the trailer for me? Gambit. Damn, been waiting forever to see that foo on screen....

Fresnan: Thank you, sir!

PartyMarty said...

There's potential for goodness, but also potential suck. My all time favorite comic character in his own movie AND the first appearance(on the big screen) of Gambit???? I can see this movie being one of those movies that I love regardless of wether or not it sucks.

brodiemash:Gambit, fuck yeah!
the fresnan:Thanks.

Michael said...

I'm a bit worried about who they cast as Gambit though. He was in one of the worst movies I've ever seen, called The Covenenant. He was some whiney punk who I wanted to hurt. When I heard they cast him as Gambit I got nervous. Gambit has always been one of my favorites.