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Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic Con '08: Punisher War Zone footage posted; New trailer also ready to punish you

Hmmm...well, at least we're getting some new stuff outta Comic Con (happening this weekend down south in San Diego) but not totally impressed by this footage. Still looking forward to it, Jigsaw looks pretty cool but at least they have until December to iron out any kinks. What do you think of the footage?

UPDATE: Well, some breaking news coming from Harry Knowles over at Aintitcoolnews. Apparently, the director of this film, Lexi Alexander, has been pulled off the film. What does that mean? Get all the details over here. Fucken movie studios....guess we'll never see a truly great Punisher film on the big screen. Or maybe this was a good thing? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

UPDATE 2: A full trailer which was also shown at the show has been embedded here. If you want, head on over to Spike here for the trailer in beautiful Quicktime HD


Robert said...

I thought it looked pretty slick, actually. Some pretty innovative stuff going on in there. I'm skeptical as all whatnot because Jane deciding to walk away because of a steaming turd of a script, but there were scenes in that little clip that seemed off the snizzle (that last bit with the explosive was sexy). I dunno, I'll probably be seeing it. Also, anyone else digging the high-collar look? It's almost sort of space marine-ish, it gives him a realistic, armored look. Yup.

brodiemash said...

Totally agree with you on the collar armor. Gotta protect ya neck!