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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still teaser trailer arrives on earth

With last years I Am Legend and now this. December is quickly becoming the month for all end of the world films. Not too sure about this remake (I'm always not sure about remakes, though) but the trailer looks cool, Jennifer Connelly is in it and I'm always down for some action films during the holiday's. Hopefully Neo won't swoop in and destroy this film as he usually does. His robotic acting should fit perfect with his role as an alien, though. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Anonymous said...

End of the world films we are seeing lately are a way to train us in how to behave during national emergencies, like Katrina. The message is, shut up and do what the authorities say.

Let them sort out who lives and who dies, just stand behind the orange tape and wait for your masters to give you instruction.

This film is being released on December 12, the date (in 2012) that the Mayan calendar "ends". Movies with an end of the world scenario are constantly playing all year -- look at Wall-E, Independence Day etc released during the summer.

brodiemash said...

True dat, but traditionally December was a place for family films & Oscar contenders. As of late, we've been getting more and more "summer blockbuster" type films during the winter months like this, Cloverfield (opened in Jan. this year), Star Trek (which was pushed back) and whutnot. Seems like an interesting shift in marketing.

Anonymous said...

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