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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update on the new film ordanince (nope, it wasn't passed....just yet)

So this morning saw me once again downtown at our beautiful city hall to support the approval of a new city ordnance, of which you can read about on my previous post, that could possibly change the way local filmmakers create here in town. Never one to adept at public speaking, I went up in front of the council to voice my support. After some questions back and forth, including some additional questions for me from Blong Xiong and Henry Perea, the council decided to look into some very valid questions raised (including the wording on the fact that people shooting without permission would be charged with a felony and also the changing of the phrase "nudity" to "public nudity") and speak to some other local filmmakers to see where the community here in town stood on the issue. As long as this issue isn't totally drawn out and the council is quick to do the research on the matter, it's cool with me. Surprisingly, Jerry Duncan moved to approve the ordinance right then and there but no one stood up to second it. Sucks but I guess it might be for the best that everyone is on the same page and those few issues get corrected (it's like wanting to buy that car right now rather than waiting for a better deal next week). The fact that this is even happening here in town excites me to no end and I hope, if this thing does go through, that people here in town take the initiative to go out, create and help put Fresno on the map. Something tells me we will.

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