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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fresno Swede Fest The Second set for Nov. 22nd

You smell that in the air? I. Smell. Swedes! It's back so this time we have a little more than the 3 weeks heads up from last time to create yourself a masterpeice! Coming to downtown Fresno on Saturday, November 22nd at 1pm is the Fresno Swede Fest The Second (not to be confused with the 2nd Annual Fresno Swede Festival, that'll be going down later next year at Corridor 2122) and it will be held at the C.A.F.E (Collective for Art, Freedom & Ecology) Infoshop in beautiful downtown Fresno (actually, Chinatown but did you know that there's actually people that down know that Fresno has a Chinatown? Crazy...) so you know what that means? We need your entries! This is the call out for everyone in Fresno the get together once again and create some good stuff. Still not sure what a swede is? Here's the vid I always show people the grasp the idea:

Got it? No! Well head on over to They Came From The Valley, click on videos and check out some of the entries from the last show to grasp the idea of what this is all about! So the deadline for this whole thing is going to be Nov. 17th, 2008 at Midnight so we need to receive your entry link via email at (We know not everyone wants to put their stuff up on the web so if that's the case, please drop us an email and we'll set up alternative means of entry but the deadline is the same so please plan ahead for this alternative entry method). Yup. that date seems to far away but it's really not so start planning right now by sitting down with a couple friends, bust out your DVDs and figure out a film you guys wanna swede! Please be sure to include your name and contact information in case your swede is chosen and we need to get a hold of you. Here are the rest of the rules: The entries musn't be over 5 mins. in running time. Also, the films must not use any excessively abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws. And as a little side note, if you do decide to work on a swede for the festival, let us know! We'd love to get some idea of how many films we're going to get (plus, it'll help us sleep) and if you take some still pictures of your production, send them over too and maybe we'll post them here! REMEMBER! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at and we'll get back at you ASAP! Can't wait to see what Fresno creates come Nov. 22nd so lets get out there and create!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Go blind seeing the first 5 mins. of Blindness

That headline is a stretch but hey, I worked hard on it okay. ANYways....the film from director Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardener) opens up today and if your on the fence about dropping your hard earned rubbles to go check it out, Yahoo! has posted the first 5 minutes of the film for your enjoyment. Check it out and maybe I'll see you at the theater this weekend when I go see Religulous!

Dragonball teaser again: NOW WITH SOUND!

Dragonball Teaser from dbthemovie on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Already removed. Sorry, hope you guys saw it. If not, you didn't miss much. If we find it again, we'll repost!

Yeah, we posted the leaked trailer yesterday but here's the more better version. The higher resolution doesn't translate to better movie, unfortunately. But if you must, here it is.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The stars give us a few reasons why we shouldn't vote

I don't know about you, but if Eva Longoria tells me to shoot my dog, I'm doin' it. BRB Eva, RGSTRN 2 VOTE!!

Random Goodness: Wanna see the $35 a ticket movie theater

We had talked about this numerous times both here and on our podcast: Would the Fresno film crowd support a premium movie theater experience that would run you $35 a ticket? Well MSNBC has found one of those said theaters in Chicago and did this little report from the place. As for local supporting something like this here, I guess it would totally depend on the films screening at said theater (I doubt Hollywood Chihuahua would be shown here) and the prices of the drinks and food. I mean, if this is gonna be strictly a high end place where the norm is spending $120 for a night at the movies, then maybe not. Those seats do look pretty bad ass plus the button to call a waiter over to bring you another Caribou Lou as you enjoy Iron Man 2? Priceless. So you think you would be all for this kind of theater experience here in town or is it too much for Fresno? Maybe a more scaled down version? Let us know your thoughts!

Guess we're never going to see Ali G or Borat again

I hope you guys weren't too attached to either of these guys (goddamn you fuckers who are still doing Borat impressions) cause in a recent interview Sacha Baron Cohen did with the Daily Telegraph, he proclaimed that the characters are to well know for them to be resurrected and the expressed sadness that he would never play them again. Hmmm, do you really think that they'll never make a return appearance? I'm sure someone like Cohen can figure out new avenues for both characters to return. But in the mean time: RIP Borat. RIP Ali G. You will be missed....

This week's Flashback Feature: Monty Python & The Holy Grail

I have nothing against Steve McQueen or The Great Escape. Swear! I just had a momentary lapse last week so I forgot to post this feature up. Sorry for those of you who missed out because of my indiscretion. But this week we return with Monty Python & The Holy Grail. Never seen it & tonight will probably not be the night for me to experience this one, unfortunately (please address all hate mail to as I have some prior business to attend to. But for the cut followers of the film, it'll be one less big ass head blocking your view of the screen.

Scorsese & De Niro team up once agian for I Heard You Paint Houses

Rodriguez has Banderas. Burton & Depp. Allen & Johansson. Yup directors have that one actor that they always go to and Scorsese is once again going back to work with Robert De Niro in an adaptation of I Heard You Paint Houses, a 2005 novel by Charles Brandt. The book is about an Irish mob hit man named Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran (which De Niro will be playing) whom claimed to have been the guy to wack Jimmy Hoffa. Sounds like a classic gangster Scorsese flick. Check out Slash Film here for more details on the project and permission is given to begin getting excited for this one.

More Watchmen news revealed

So as the legal battle between studios continues over Alan Moore's gift to the people of earth, director Zack Synder is working non-stop on the film and recently screened around 26 minutes of the film to select members of the press. First was there and the three main things that stood out was the over all badass-ery that will be this film from the screened footage but also these two tidbits: The film will run 2 hours 43 minutes long and the next trailer will be seen on Nov. 14th in front of Quantum Of Solace so get in line now! You can read the report in it's entirety here.

Nintendo announces new DSi; releases in U.S. next year

If you were thinking about buying yerself or a loved one a Nintendo DS anytime soon, you might want to hold off. Late last night, the money infused company announced an update to the stupidly popular portable gaming device in the DSi. Yup, just add an "i" to the end of it. And what do you get with that "i"? Well, you get a case design that is 12% thinner, bigger screens and here's the cool part: two cameras! Yup, not one but 2! "Now what would I need 2 cameras on a device like this?" is what I asked right before I slapped myself and said "More is less, stupid! They'll surely find use for it!" And the possibility of wi-fi video conferencing on my DSi became a prime selling point for me, if just for coolness factor. Wish my iPhone could do that. Unfortunately, the DSi won't be available here in the States until next year (you can always import one from Japan when they go on sale over there in November for around $180) but keep this in mind this holiday season: they're selling you last years model now, sun! Check out Engadget here for more details, pics & even a gameplay video.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Goodness: Colbert & Stewart on EW

I haven't bought an issue of Entertainment Weekly in a long time (print is still alive?) but this one I will be purchasing. Man, Colbert really nailed it as Michelle Obama with the whole leg crossing thing. She all of a sudden became 10 times sexier to me for some reason....Check out this article for more info on the write up.

Zero Puncuation: Mercenaries 2 Review

Dragonball teaser charges up online

Oh man, this film is gonna suck. Sorry, Dragonball Z fans but I have to say this looks pretty bad. But then again, I never go into the ridiculously long anime series so that's where I'm coming from. It would be a nice surprise, though. Hurry before this thing gets pulled!

The DUmb goes live next week! Oct. 8th @ 6pm

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion! The date was previously listed as Oct. 6th and it should have been Oct. 8th at 6pm. For this oversight, everyone reading this is allowed to punch Bryan Harley in the face repeatedly (even though it was my fault. We're a team like that). So adjust your schedules accordingly. And sorry if you already made plans with the babysitter.

You've you've might have listened to our podcast, The DUmb. Well, have you ever listened to the podcast and wondered "Man, I'd really like to see what these fat, ugly bastards look like. Nothing could be more visually stimulating than that! They should go a vidcast (or vodcast, depending on who you talk to)!" Well wonder no more. Next week, October 8th at 6pm, we will be streaming our podcast live over at Late Update. Our special guest for that podcast will be Fresno Film Commissioner Ray Arthur so join us as we talk about all things film & Fresno and I'm sure Ray will kick down some entertaining Hollywood stories. The plan is to be able to have live chats as well as possibly take phone calls from listeners for this one but we're still working out all the kinks on that. We'll keep you guys posted here on The Dumb Drum and you can always hit up Late Update as well. Bookmark this link as this is where you'll need to be next Wednesday at 6pm in order to see this epic Fresno event. Hope some of you can make it to our event which will, undoubtedly be riddled with technical problems as well as possibly less cuss words than usual since we're having a legitimate guest on our roll call.....but no guarantee!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Way To Die music video drops

The Jack White & Alicia Keys theme song for the upcoming Bond film Quantum Of Solace has premiered exclusively over at Yahoo!. Check it out and let us know what you think and where it ranks in the hall of Bond movie themes. I do wonder, however, how would Amy Winehouse's version of this would have sounded like.

Have you visited They Came From The Valley lately?

So They Came From Valley has been around for a while and we've had a pretty good response so far. At this point, users have uploaded 26 different videos (including some of our swedes from the Fresno Swede Film Festival) and I have to say, it's a pretty good gathering of some of the different talents around here. If you haven't gone by in a while, I invite you to do so and discover some of the local talent we have here. Also, if you have some stuff to upload, do it NOW! We're always keeping an eye out for new stuff (but remember, we've got guidelines) so bust out that DV tape and send it up over there. We also have some forums over there to discuss all the latest happenings. Vimeo makes it easy and the quality looks 100 times better than You Tube so why are you still reading this and not over there yet?

Random Goodness: Marc Ecko does Star Wars

Just last week, PartyMarty & I were discussing the Marvel Comics license Marc Ecko obtained for a couple of years around 1999 and how it was one of the first times that a license was used in that manner to attract the older generation of comic book fans with dope integration between comic books & clothing design. No longer were we limited to logo stamped t-shirts from comic book stores. Nope, the characters we grew up reading had been implemented in a tasteful manner in which nerds all around wouldn't have to fear getting ridiculed for wear such things. And now, it seems that era might have returned with Ecko picking up the Star wars license. Fuck....that Boba Fett hoodie is so fucken dope! Sure, it's $98 but's a Boba Fett hoodie! You can head on over to the official site here and place you order right now if you got the skrilla but I'm sure we'll be seeing these hitting your favorite mall pretty soon. Guess I finally have a reason to return to the mall to shop for clothes. Head on over to Slash Film here to check out the full post including a special code on how to get $10 off any order over $100 PLUS free shipping. Nice!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dem Trailers: Seven Pounds

I saw this trailer for the first time during last Friday's Presidential debate as from what I saw, it looks pretty good. Awesome cast, cool visual style...nice. Supposedly, this is the film that will win the Fresh Prince an Oscar (but remember, so was The Pursuit Of Happyness) but we'll see. Check it out and let us know if you think this is the one for Will Smith.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dem Trailers: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Lot of trailers today (I guess the studios are expecting Eagle Eye to do big this weekend) and here's David Fincher's newest. A lot of speculation that there's beef happening between the director and the studio heads over the cut of the film but who knows how this'll end up. Some early reviews have been not so nice. Check out the trailer over here at Apple and see what you think.

Dem Trailers: Extended W. Trailer


Perfect way to start off debate night! This a very extended trailer for Oliver Stone's comedy/drama/satire project. Is this going to be the sneak attack film of the season? Who knows but it looks good so far. And I'm not a huge Stone fan either!