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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Does Cruise feel the need...the need for Top Gun 2?

So soothsayers have been preaching and preaching about the horrible death that was the career of Tom Cruise. I think those people are greatly exaggerating the whole thing (although I do believe that the whole Scientology thing hasn't helped his image one bit. Neither has his official web site). Sure, his last film, Lions For Lambs tanked. His fallout with Paramount Pictures has been well publicized for quite sometime now. His next big film, Valkyrie, has been constantly delayed. But does this spell the end? I don't know. And I also don't know if this is good or bad news: The Sun (a pilar of truth, BTW) is reporting that a sequel to the 1986 hit film Top Gun has a script and is or has been read over by Maverick himself. Apparently, Cruise will reprise his role and will now be an instructor at the school and is dealing with a cocky new females student....whom he will, undoubtedly, sleep with. Seems kinda lame, huh? Maybe we need to go darker. Have Maverick be a Gulf War vet with PTS disorder and when he returns to his home....oh, wait a minute. This sounds familiar. Oh well, the teacher banging student thing works I guess. So would you be interested in seeing this film?


Anonymous said...

interested in seeing it? Nope

PartyMarty said...

Instructor dealing with a cocky new female pilot? As a huge fcking fan of Top Gun, I'm sad to say DO NOT WANT.

Anonymous said...

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