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Monday, March 31, 2008

Local comic strip Dead Days reaches No. 400

Like the great philosopher Xzibit once said : Procrastination like masturbation, your fucking yourself. I don't think I'll ever reach 400 of anything in my lifetime (maybe pounds?). That just reeks of dedication and hard work. Fuck that, I'll stick to my dragging of feet. So to hear that local artist John Rios has hit this milestone just kinda pisses me off. This guy has the focus and talent that I wish I did and has used it to create a wonderful world of funny characters, cool as hell artwork and witty dialogue .....well that just angers me. His stuff is good and consistent! I don't know what witch doctor this guy went to to get his gifts but I need to go to that guy. To bad about him being a jerk in real life. Yeah, he's an angry drunk who like to kick, no, PUPPIES! Yeah, that's it....kick puppies. True story (gotta do something to level the playing field, right? And what better way than to defame his name). Check out all his stuff over at his blog Dead Days and maybe he'll come on here one of these days and answer for his puppy kicking atrocities! Battle! Check out the 400th strip over at and be sure to leave a kind (or not so kind) word!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The DUmb #3 • Requiem For A Podcast

Two podcasts in one week?! Crazy, yeah. But we're here to provide you with solid entertainment, right? This week we have special-special guests to help carry the topics:

• Bryan Harley - writer/director/creator of AMF Productions
• Adrian Rodriguez - publisher of
• Robert Anaforian - writer, The Dumb/creator,

This edition's topics include all things film, summer movies, the Academy Awards, the future of movie theaters, digital distribution and we offer free technical support for our friends over at Fresno Famous. BTW, swing by their site and don't forget to vote for us under the "Best Blog (or Blogger)" and "Best Podcast" categories. Voting ends this Sunday, Mar. 30th. Thanks for your vote!! Special shout out again to for hosting our podcasts! They are currently starting a promo where you can win free Grizzlies tickets when you register at the site so check it out! Everyone likes free shit, right?

Download The DUmb here!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Those wacky Swedes...

So Michel Gondry's latest film, "Be Kind Rewind" was (thankfully) playing in Fresno, for a couple weeks at least. Mediocre reviews might have pulled it before you were able to check it out, which in my opinion at least, was a bummer. I think it was a fun little flick to sit and watch. this isn't a review, however, but a little rumination, and maybe a challenge to some of our readers.

The legacy of the movie isn't going to be the film itself, but the widespread idea of "Swedeing". A Swede is an ultra-low budget/effort replica of a film (or a scene from a film). You could go on to Wikipedia and learn more about what a Swede is, but what would you rather have done in school: read a book or watch a movie? Yeah, movie...

Isn't that guys TIE fighter sound effect awesome? Anyways, I know there are a couple filmmakers who read this blog (and one who writes for it), and who knows how many lurking or aspiring filmmakers otherwise, so why not a little friendly competition? At best, maybe Fresno natives can generate a Swede or two and we can feature them on this site. If not, well...scour YouTube a bit, or go here and see what you come up with. Maybe someone has already Sweded your favorite flick!

Dem Trailers: Vote stuffin' edition

The Tracey Fragments
If you don't like Ellen Page for any reason, you better just duck out right now. After Juno (I would say Hard Candy) she's quickly becoming a Hollywood upstart (isn't everyone?) and this next film of hers looks pretty good. The trailer is definitely cut differently and it works, music by Broken Social Scene.....yeah, lets hope the film works as good as the trailer does. Check it out here.

The Hammer
I listen to Adam Corolla every morning on my way to work and he definitely adds much cheer to my commute. His film has finally been released and we've got it here in Fresno (I guess since we're one of the markets his show is broadcast into) and I plan to go see it real soon. Just the fact that we got it here is reason enough (not really) but the reviews has been surprisingly good and he's on a roll with the film PLUS he's on Dancing With The Stars so he's adding to his millions in cash. Check out the trailer here.

Who DOESN'T loooove giant robots blowing shit up?

Voltron WAS tight (until you see the show again now and realize it IS shit). Never got into Robotech, although the design were dope. Of course the Transformers make up the true source of my mech-lust but these latest years, the developers from From Software have been the ones filling that hole for me (tee-hee) with their Armored Core series. The games are cool but their artists creating all the CGI are the real superstars. Every cut scene makes my eyeballs bleed and leave me wanting a live action or CGI anime film to be made this way. Amazing. Check out the From Software wiki page here for more info on the developer.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roque gets lazy; recruits new guy

Well, not so new but rather merely someone else. Fellow blogger Robert Anaforian (One Picture's & The DUmb podcast regular guest has joined Team Dumb Drum and will be contributing content for your eyes & ears. You see that article down there? The Fanboys one. Yup, that was his first posting so welcome him here and leave him some comments (try to keep it clean, people). So now it won't just be my words you be reading here as we have kinda switched focus from reporting on my stuff (which was my original intention) to reporting on everything cool. Just like that, reporting on cool shit! That's our motto. Be it film, video gaming, comics, advertising, art, design....WHATEVER! Being based out of Fresno, California, we will definitely be involved in the development of our local scene and try to enrich locals, as well as outsiders, to the gold we harvest here in the Central Valley. As time goes, we might be encountering more and more change but for now, just bear with us and we will continue to bring you stuff like we have been for the past couple of months. So please continue to join us in this journey into the blogosphere and we'll continue to provide you with content to make you smile, ear to ear!

P.S.—If your see what you like and would like to join the team, participate in one of our podcasts or just have comments on any of our stuff, please feel free to email us at

Whatever, Fanboys.

Well a storm's a'brewin, and geeks from coast to coast are flexing their pasty, atrophied muscles at the big guns of Hollywood in a showdown for the right to have cancer. Sorta.

Apparently Weinstein, or the freshly dubbed "Darth Weinstein" has used his powers of control to have bits of the film "Fanboys" re-shot and spliced up to remove a cancer subplot from a film about some geeks who try and break into Skywalker Ranch to catch an early glimpse of Phantom Menace (which is so unbelieveable. They would have committed mass suicide upon viewing Jar Jar after all that trouble. C'mon, at least make it realistic!). One character being diagnosed with cancer is what sets off the trip, but Weinstein, who wants to market the film to a teenage crowd (because Star Wars fans are all teenagers, not people born in the 70's-80's) thinks that cancer is a total teenage turn-off (that's called alliteration, kids) and cut out a few scenes and re-shot 'em while riding past in his convoy of rightness and flipping the bird to the producers.

Angry, cancer-loving Star Wars fans respond by promising to boycott "Superhero Movie" and in general creating an online ruckus while posting pictures of Weinstein in drag and wearing a Darth Vader helmet. PR people have given out little tidbits of there being two versions of the film released, but no solid promises yet.

So how much power rests with the fans on this one? Is a die-hard group of Sci-fi rebels going to be able to bring down one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and force up a change? 300,000 emails have hit the Weinstein company asking for the cancer-cut, so there's no telling what might happen. Still and all, it's refreshing to see that even if a small, dedicated group hasn't been able to knock out the production giant, at least it's bloodied the nose a bit.

Get the full story here!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dem Trailers: Post-Easter Edition

Mister Lonely
The newest film from Bolinas, CA navite and Dogme '95 director Harmony Korine will undoubtedly not be shown in theatres here in Fresno (please prove me wrong). With that out of the way, I highly recommend you keep your eye open for this to hit DVD later this year as Korine has always been able to weave stories with interesting characters but has yet to hit the mainstream. I mean a Michael Jackson impersonator hooking up with a Marylin Monroe impersonator (who's is married to a Charlie Chaplin impersonator) and heading off to a land of other impersonators?! Sign me up! Plus it's always good to see Diego Luna on the screen. Check it out here.

Meet Dave
And Eddie's career continues to tail spin out of control. Sure Daddy Day Care made money but for every Dreamgirls, there are 2 Norbits. So the summer is here and this year we get this: Meet Dave. Eddie Murphy is a spaceship full of tiny aliens.....yup, that's the premise. I've heard far crazier premises that have turned out good but this one....well, we'll just wait and see. At least Elizabeth Banks & Ed Helms are in it, right? Check out the trailer here.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The DUmb #2 • It's Always Sunny In Fresno

It's been festering in the deepest realms of my hard drive but the newest edition of The DUmb podcast is up and available for you to download here. This time, Martinez joins me for a discussion on television, movies and Me & Ed's heart shaped pizzas! Yeah, it's a little old (recorded on Valentine's Day) but it's short and sweet. So sit back, relax and jump into our world for the next 20 or so minutes. A special thank you goes out to for hosting our podcast! 

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wanna help out? Vote for me today!

Fresno Famous is holding the Fresno Choice Awards and the categories including Best Band, Coffee, Downtown Building and....what's this? Best Blog?! Well, I think I'll go and vote for us and I ask for your help as well. If we win, I promise that I will reward everyone here with a special little something. Actually, that was just one of my campaign lies. I apologize to my staff, my family and most of all, my supporters. But now I'm a changed man. And change is what I'll bring when The Dumb Are Mostly Intrigued By The Drum wins Best Blog in Fresno! (actualchangeisnotpromised.thisguyisdelusionalandshouldntbetrusted.buteitherwaypleasegovotefortheguy.itwouldmakehimfeelbetterthanks)
Head on over to Fresno and on the front page (off to the right) you'll see the "Fresno Choice Awards" box and the categories in which to vote. We're under "Blog (or blogger)" so swing by, tell your friends, mother, your sister and your daughter to vote for us! NYUP! Thanks for your support!

Dem Trailers: Surreal Edition

It's Good Friday and I can almost taste that first cup of coffee since I gave it up for Lent this year. (so close). And what better way to celebrate than by some new trailers!Standard Operating Procedure
From director Errol Morris (Fog Of War) comes this documentary on the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. Towards the end of the trailer, one of the guys describes the whole experience as "surreal" and it seems as if that's what the director was trying to do with this film. As you watch the trailer, you can see some really interesting shots (such as the one of the dog up there) that really help drive that point home. Visually, it seems to buck the trend of what a documentary-style film should look like. And change is always good. And I'm sure the touchy subject matter is gonna definitely turn even more heads. Check out the full trailer here.

The Fall
You remember The Cell starring pre-nutty Jeneifer Lopez and creepy Vince Vaughn? It was a stunning film to look at but not much else. Well director Indian director Tarsem (if I make it big, I'm going to go by "Roque" only and become a single name director, too) is back to bring us this little gem. The idea sounds freakin awesome and looks like a sure bet but another "wait until you see it" cause this might just be a case of style over substance again. But the story, this is the type of shit I want to see succeed and the type of movies that we need to see more of: pure storytelling. The type of experience you'd get from listening from another point of view and build your own world in your head. And it seems like that's something that Tarsem tries to do. Anyways, check out the trailer embedded here or go download it over at IGN here. Also, visit the Web Site for the film for all types of goodies here. Man, gotta love that "Figlio Perduto", though. Bastard stole my peice of music!

Snake Eyes! We Win! First pics from the upcoming G.I. Joe film

Fuck, that looks dope. What more can I say. Look at a that shit, man! Look at those freakin' veins popping through his forearm! Damn...the fanboy meter in me is raging, all of a sudden. I used to own more than a few G.I. Joe's back in the days but I have to say, I haven't been to hyped up about the franchise heading to the big screen (at least not as bad as I was about Transformers), but these pics single handedly changes my status on that issue. Liquid awesome! Check out the full story here from Aintitcool and click on that second photo up there for a hi-res version for your Cobra-ass! G.I. Joe is set to hit theaters next year.

It is K-Fed's birthday, why not have fun

You'd think no one outside of the Ferderline family and those who get paid by the man himself will care much about today being Kevin Federline's birthday but you'd be wrong! Fresnan's know how to take care of each other and Mike Oz over at The Beehive has put together a birthday card video of sorts from Fresno to K-Fed. Hope you continue to bless us with some of your goodness, sir! Can't get much "realer" than getting birthday wishes from Lil' Klack Klack! Now you know your street, sun! Check out the full post here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"They're all gonna laugh at you"— Guitar Hero On Tour announced today for Nintendo DS

Today, the newest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise was announced,"Guitar Hero On Tour" for the Nintendo DS. Guitar Hero on the go includes an add-on that will simulate the guitar buttons your oh so familiar with. Yeah....well, I guess if you NEED to look like a jackass as you walk down the mall playing Guitar Hero on your DS then this is the game for you. Sure the portability of the game is awesome and the fact that we will all undoubtedly see those spastic kids will provide us with endless hours of laughing at them. I mean, just look at this guy from that video:

Yeah, that's gonna help you with the ladies. Look, I like Guitar Hero, but c'mon, do you really need to play it at your dentist's office? Just make sure I'm there so I can laugh at you please. Check out IGN here for more info including pics of the game and peripheral. Can't wait!—Now I can finally learn to juggle on a unicycle!

Ever wondered how to check your car's oil level but were too embarrassed to ask someone in fear of catching a well deserved verbal beat down? Well now you can get the answer to this plus all types of questions in the form of DIY videos to help you reach enlightenment. Watchdoit is a local site created to become "the premier place for “how-to” videos – with an entertainment edge" according to the web site. Swing by the site and check out the vast amount of user generated content including basic juggling to replacing your car's air filter to how to get rid of a pimple overnight. Nyup! So if you got a talent to share with the world, shoot some video and post over at the site! Anyone know how to get rid of blood stains from my car seat? Yeah, that would be helpful....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Banned Boondocks episode shows up to offend, educate

I'm not going to lie, I haven't been watching the series from the launch, I don't own the DVDs or any clothing sporting their logo. But so far I've seen around 6 episodes and I know that I should be watching more of Aaron McGruder's series. Earlier in the year I heard a story about a couple of episodes that were canned due to the content mainly having to do with BET and their "reign of terror" in oppressing the black man. The story was later confirmed by McGruder and the season was cut by 2 episodes due to pressure from the BET Network. Magically, one of those has appeared on the internets. Check it out here and let us know if you think it was right to have not aired or were the creators unjustly censored.

Yorkie invades my house; reeks of cuteness

So this is the new gal in my life. Sweet lil' Charly. Now, can someone tell me where the movie inspired name is from? Need a hint? Well, I'll give you an obscure one: The leading lady was once married to the director of the film. Nyup! Right answer gets a no-prize!

Dem Trailers: Tropic Thunder or Three Amigos!?

God I fucken love Three Amigos! You know when people say "Oh, I can watch that movie anytime" and you think, "Really?! You can watch fucken Schindler's List ANYTIME?!" Yeah, well Amigos is one of those movies for me. And this Tropic Thunder trailer reminds me a lot of those darn Amigos! Damn, if Iron Man doesn't solidify Robert Downey Jr. bad-assness (for nerds, I mean...well all know about Chaplin), this role will definitely be the haymaker. Is there nothing the man can't do? I mean besides staying sober for more than 5 years (keep it going, yo!). Still, I can't help to wonder how cool it would be to see Ned Nederlander, Dusty Bottoms and Lucky Day back on the screen again..... Check out the trailer here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

News vans race for track superiority

What can I say? When you watch the story from Channel 1....oops, I mean, CNN (he's always be the Channel 1 guy to me) anchor Anderson Cooper, it just totally paints a different picture of what happened. Just a reminder: these guys did absolutely nothing illegal. Nothing! Poor taste they say but if anything, they were promoting the safe use of the track instead of doing what had just killed some locals: illegal STREET racing. I was more concerned with the equipment getting fucking ripped off the top of the van than them doing anything bad. Sucks that one of the guys got fired (I'm sure there is no rule against these activities in station's handbook) but hey, shit happens.'s what a local had to say what really happened and why the news vans were at the speedway:

"I live in El Paso and I was also It didnt happen the way the Anderson made it seem. The news crews were there for the opening of the Metroplex, they were reporting on new venues to keep racing at the track and off the street... due to recent street racing deaths. The news crews were leaving and the only way to leave without having to wait in line was to go down the 1/4mile strip and exit using one of the track exits. As they were leaving, people started chanting... One of the dudes revved the news van and they lined up. It sucks one of the drivers got fired."

Ah yes, the media hard at work, eating their own kind. It just baffles me to know that people actually think that all drag racing is illegal (as the female reporter said). I wonder if a drag strip were ever built here in the Valley we could get the ABC 30 News van to run against the KSEE 24 van? Or maybe Kopi would like to get in on the action? AWESOME!

Nantucket, here I come!

Well, not me but my screenplay for Blur is going over there. This week brought me my first experience submitting my work for a film festival and with it came a lack of confidence. I'm not sure, but I'm not one of those people who thinks my shit is the best. I always quick to step back and begin to criticize how much better it could of been if I've focused more. But I guess I excel at pointing out how unflawless I really am when I should be going better in the "improving my shit" department. It seems like I might be being a little to critical since the purpose of the colony is to perfect an imperfect screenplay, right? Meh, fuck it. We'll see what happens and move ahead on our next project. But tha doesn't mean my fingers aren't crossed. Anyways, it's now it the hands of someone on the little island in the Atlantic and home of Sandpiper Air. For those of you who know me, I've always been a fan of the island, mainly because of the little TV show from the 90's called Wings (super-duper show and if you wanna fight about it, lets. Hey if it's good enough for Quagmire, it's good enough for me!) but this opportunity goes beyond just wanting to travel. What's up for grabs in the Nantucket Film Festival is a month's long screenwriters colony working with industry professionals to fine tune and perfect the piece and nothing else. How awesome would that be? Beyond words. So, I'll keep updating here to see what happens with that. For now, lets start working on the next one, shall we? And by the way, if your interested, there's still about a week left to submit screenplay entries so if you got something, prep it and send it in. You just never know what'll happen. Hit up the Web Site here for more info!

Free, legal full length films on the internets?! Do tell....

I reported on Hulu a while back when they were still in beta and now they've moved beyond just offering TV shows and started hosting full length feature films for you to watch (with limited commercial interruption, of course) anytime, free of charge. This business model isn't something new but to see some major movie studios get behind a service and offer their product is cool. Yeah, the selection is minimal right now but they do offer some classics such ranging from Requiem For A Dream to Kagemusha to Three Amigos! The quality of the video is top notch and while your there, go ahead and check out clips from NBC shows along with many clips from other recent films. So when are we going to see free, commercial sponsored films on the iTunes Store? So for this round, check out Requiem For A Dream that I've embedded for you to get your mind blown (if you haven't seen it).....don't say I never did nothing for ya!

Random Goodness: Remember Spy Hunter?

My fondest memories of playing Spy Hunter was visiting the Greyhound bus depot in downtown Fresno (which surprisingly always had one of the cooler arcades in town) waiting for family members to either arrive or depart. I loved the fact that it combined crazy driving, evading and blowing shit up. Always an awesome combination! Fast forward to today and here, Pontiac pays sweet homage to the game with this commercial for their new G8, which actually looks pretty cool (for a Pontiac). The color palette, the screen overlay, the weapons......nice!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dem Trailers: The Incredible Hulk trailer fails to SMASH!

Ang Lee's Hulk....yeah, it was cool. Just to see a big ass, CGI version of the green bastard tear shit up on the big screen was cool. Everything else....pretty crap. Ang Lee really tried too hard to create a unique peice of art that really just didn't translate well on screen. Whatever. So now we have Ed Norton taking over for Eric Bana and Liv Tyler (hot) stepping in for Jennifer Connelly (even hotter) in this reset. It didn't bowl me over quite like the Iron Man trailer did but I'll take a wait and see stance on this bad boy. Check it embedded after the break or download the HD version here.

Zero Punctuation reviews "Burnout Paradise"

"Goddamn streetracers!" How does this guy keep it fresh? I don't know but so far so good! If you like this go back and check out the rest of his reviews on his Web Site here. He posts new reviews every Wednesday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Am Legend - The real (better) ending

From what people have told me, the film version of I Am Legend is vastly different from the original Matheson book. I have to say that I rather enjoyed the film but was kinda dissapointed with the ending. It just seemed to easy, prim & proper. Now that the DVD is soon to be released, the alternate ending has surfaced and just redrawn the entire concept of the film for me. Over at, they have the alternate ending along with some insight into the book and how it translated (or DIDN'T translate) to the film version. Good stuff! Guess the studio's still think the audience is too dumb to deserve the real ending and instead gave us the retarded version. If you haven't seen the film, there are a lot of SPOILERS there so if you don't want to ruin anything, best you just wait.

Dem Trailers: Corleone father & son reunited; DeNiro & Pacino back at it again

Yeah, they worked together in Heat, but they were only on screen for about 4 mins. or so and not much interaction occured. Now we get to see the Corleone alumni as police officers and partners in the upcoming film Righteous Kill. Wait a minute, 50 Cent is in the film, too? And the reject Wahlberg brother? hopes have just been dashed. Naw, shit'll be different, right? Maybe 50 Cent will....see, I couldn't even say that with a straight face. I guess it's wait and see. Until then, check out the trailer here.

The Onion: Best news organization in the world?

Anonymous Philanthropist Donates 200 Human Kidneys To Hospital

After seeing this video, I challenge anyone to say otherwise. The Onion has consistently pulled off some of the best stories without growing stale or repetitive. Smart & cleverly guised under the facade of real news, the best is when a n00b reads The Onion for the first time and totally buys it as real news (it has happened before). That is the best compliment anyone could give the brilliant writers of this fine newspaper. Fresno needs to get this distributed around here.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Gottschalks R teh g00ds!" proclaims The Bee

Local photo journalist & blogger Joseph Hollak has touched on a good point over at his blog solo mojo: What's the deal with The Fresno Bee and ethics? I saw the mentioned story in the Bee this weekend and kinda wondered the same thing. It seems like every Gottschalks fart is blessed with front page coverage as if they were single handedly employing half the city (that would be Pelco, kind sir). True, be they do report on it, be it bad or good, but it just sucks that I have to read a giant story about a company all the while I'm bombarded with ads for that very same company. I guess I don't have to read it....but, meh. It's not really my bag to get into what is & isn't ethical but a good point Mr. Hollak brings up nonetheless. Journalistic ethics? Shit, I don't know shit about them (you see?). But I write for this blog that my mom and like 3 of my friends read so I really don't need to employ them, right? But The Bee is the voice of the people....or so I've been told. So message to Gottschalks: I'll write all the fluff you want if you advertise with me, too. Shoot me an email and we can talk numbers, yeah? It'll definately be.....wait for it......a G Thang! *shutter*

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dem Trailers: Vol 2—Wanted Edition

Fuck, Wanted is gonna suck. There, I had to say it because that way when I actually see it, no amount of suckiness will contradict my preconceived notions. The graphic novel is something that will forever be one of most cherished pieces of modern art that will stay with me until the day I die (unless they find a cure for 44 stab wounds by then) and the film strays far (very far) from the source material. Swap "unionized superhero villains" with "unionized assassins" and you can see the discrepancies. But the gunplay they've showcased so far does arouse me to no end (I can't wait to head out to The Range to see if I'm one of the few who can "curve" a bullet). Oh well, so instead of Lex Luthor we get Miguel Bain. Mark Millar (author of the graphic novel) has seen the film and has said he liked it so maybe it will be good....but I'm sticking to my notion of it sucking. Hopefully, I will be surprised come June 27th. If not, I'll always have my graphic novel to go back to. Check out the new HD trailer here or stream it right here:
">Wanted Exclusive Trailer

Exclusive Trailer">Add to My Profile | More Videos

Thursday, March 6, 2008

NIN makes beautiful music; gives it out for free

Seems like major recording artists love to piss off recording label people's and give out free music. NIN front man Trent Reznor has decided to do the same with his latest offering Ghosts I, but that's not all. He has also given permission for people to use his music in their non-commercial creative projects, such as films and podcasts, following the footsteps of Moby with his venture to do the same. Awesome. So what's the catch? No catch. Not only has Reznor put this stuff out there, he's making Vols. I-IV available for $5 on his web site. So go download the Vol. I here (you'll need a BitTorrent client to download) and if you can spare the change, go buy the others. You'll get some good, free music plus you'll be helping to encourage other artist to follow suit. Thanks to Robert Anaforian for the info and don't forget to visit his site, One Picture's Worth.

Wanna free demo to put that PSP to good use all while visiting M.C. Escher land?

The PSP has been (for me, at least) one of those purchases that I kinda regret. Yeah, it's provided me with some good times but those have been few and far in between. I guess the days of riding the bus home after school as I played my monochrome Gameboy, yearning for graphics comparable to those of my console at home kinda hyped me up and made me buy my dream portable when it was released. Thing is, I don't ride that bus anymore. But that's not to say I don't bust it out every once in a while. I with the release of this new Echochrome demo, I think I'll be doing just that! The game itself is hard to describe exactly but the whole premise is you guide a walking figure through "puzzles" that resemble the landscapes of M.C. Escher all while shifting the perspective to make sure your little lemming gets from Point A to Point B. Sounds dumb when I describe it here so check out this video instead:

Yup, pretty cool, huh? Head on over here to PSP Fanboy and there they will bless you with the instructions on how to get it on your system. Hmmmm.....that headline got me thinking. Has anyone used MC Escher as a rapper name? If not, I call dibs!

Someone went back for Letty; another TFATF alumni returns

Oh, Michelle you let me down. After seeing "Girlfight" I became a huge fan of the girl, actively waiting to see what she was going to do next, hoping she'd be able to spread her wings and become the dope-ass actress that she showcased in the film. Her next film was a small film called The Fast And The Furious. Oh yes, I can't wait to see it. I saw it. And she turns out she plays the same character in every movie, only this time her name was Letty instead of Diana. And she's been doing it ever since. Meh. Well, at least they're bring her back for one more round as Letty. According to her web site, she's recently signed on to revise her role in the fourth installment of TFATF, rejoining her co-stars Vin Diesel & Paul Walker. A reunion? Hopefully they'll get everyone back, even Jesse will be resurrected. And we can NOT have Coyotes R' Us Vincent return, in all his robotic movement-glory. Fuck it....BRING EVERYONE BACK! It'll be good to reunite with old friends....and make fun of them, cause they ain't gonna be doing shit after this one! And to Michelle: Please try your best to prove me wrong.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Gnarls Barkley video brings cool beat, epileptic seizures

Hope you didn't click on that play button. Actually, don't worry about it because it's in grainy You Tube-vision so it shouldn't be clear enough to do any harm but according to this story from, MTV has banned the video for Gnarls Barkley's first single "Run" off their new album because of it's possibility to cause epileptic seizures in some. It's like Pokemon all over again. It's always the good ones that bring you to the brink of possible death, no? Play at your own risk!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Corporate tool breaks, promotes creativity by mistake

You see any happy accidents like this around town? Snap 'em and send them in to!