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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roque gets lazy; recruits new guy

Well, not so new but rather merely someone else. Fellow blogger Robert Anaforian (One Picture's & The DUmb podcast regular guest has joined Team Dumb Drum and will be contributing content for your eyes & ears. You see that article down there? The Fanboys one. Yup, that was his first posting so welcome him here and leave him some comments (try to keep it clean, people). So now it won't just be my words you be reading here as we have kinda switched focus from reporting on my stuff (which was my original intention) to reporting on everything cool. Just like that, reporting on cool shit! That's our motto. Be it film, video gaming, comics, advertising, art, design....WHATEVER! Being based out of Fresno, California, we will definitely be involved in the development of our local scene and try to enrich locals, as well as outsiders, to the gold we harvest here in the Central Valley. As time goes, we might be encountering more and more change but for now, just bear with us and we will continue to bring you stuff like we have been for the past couple of months. So please continue to join us in this journey into the blogosphere and we'll continue to provide you with content to make you smile, ear to ear!

P.S.—If your see what you like and would like to join the team, participate in one of our podcasts or just have comments on any of our stuff, please feel free to email us at


Robert said...

This guy sounds like an asshole. Get rid of him asap, he'll bring this blog crumbling down.

lou said...

hope he don't flake on u like teh geh that flakes alla'time.