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Friday, March 14, 2008

News vans race for track superiority

What can I say? When you watch the story from Channel 1....oops, I mean, CNN (he's always be the Channel 1 guy to me) anchor Anderson Cooper, it just totally paints a different picture of what happened. Just a reminder: these guys did absolutely nothing illegal. Nothing! Poor taste they say but if anything, they were promoting the safe use of the track instead of doing what had just killed some locals: illegal STREET racing. I was more concerned with the equipment getting fucking ripped off the top of the van than them doing anything bad. Sucks that one of the guys got fired (I'm sure there is no rule against these activities in station's handbook) but hey, shit happens.'s what a local had to say what really happened and why the news vans were at the speedway:

"I live in El Paso and I was also It didnt happen the way the Anderson made it seem. The news crews were there for the opening of the Metroplex, they were reporting on new venues to keep racing at the track and off the street... due to recent street racing deaths. The news crews were leaving and the only way to leave without having to wait in line was to go down the 1/4mile strip and exit using one of the track exits. As they were leaving, people started chanting... One of the dudes revved the news van and they lined up. It sucks one of the drivers got fired."

Ah yes, the media hard at work, eating their own kind. It just baffles me to know that people actually think that all drag racing is illegal (as the female reporter said). I wonder if a drag strip were ever built here in the Valley we could get the ABC 30 News van to run against the KSEE 24 van? Or maybe Kopi would like to get in on the action? AWESOME!

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