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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dem Trailers: Post-Easter Edition

Mister Lonely
The newest film from Bolinas, CA navite and Dogme '95 director Harmony Korine will undoubtedly not be shown in theatres here in Fresno (please prove me wrong). With that out of the way, I highly recommend you keep your eye open for this to hit DVD later this year as Korine has always been able to weave stories with interesting characters but has yet to hit the mainstream. I mean a Michael Jackson impersonator hooking up with a Marylin Monroe impersonator (who's is married to a Charlie Chaplin impersonator) and heading off to a land of other impersonators?! Sign me up! Plus it's always good to see Diego Luna on the screen. Check it out here.

Meet Dave
And Eddie's career continues to tail spin out of control. Sure Daddy Day Care made money but for every Dreamgirls, there are 2 Norbits. So the summer is here and this year we get this: Meet Dave. Eddie Murphy is a spaceship full of tiny aliens.....yup, that's the premise. I've heard far crazier premises that have turned out good but this one....well, we'll just wait and see. At least Elizabeth Banks & Ed Helms are in it, right? Check out the trailer here.

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