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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dem Trailers: Vote stuffin' edition

The Tracey Fragments
If you don't like Ellen Page for any reason, you better just duck out right now. After Juno (I would say Hard Candy) she's quickly becoming a Hollywood upstart (isn't everyone?) and this next film of hers looks pretty good. The trailer is definitely cut differently and it works, music by Broken Social Scene.....yeah, lets hope the film works as good as the trailer does. Check it out here.

The Hammer
I listen to Adam Corolla every morning on my way to work and he definitely adds much cheer to my commute. His film has finally been released and we've got it here in Fresno (I guess since we're one of the markets his show is broadcast into) and I plan to go see it real soon. Just the fact that we got it here is reason enough (not really) but the reviews has been surprisingly good and he's on a roll with the film PLUS he's on Dancing With The Stars so he's adding to his millions in cash. Check out the trailer here.

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