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Monday, March 10, 2008

"Gottschalks R teh g00ds!" proclaims The Bee

Local photo journalist & blogger Joseph Hollak has touched on a good point over at his blog solo mojo: What's the deal with The Fresno Bee and ethics? I saw the mentioned story in the Bee this weekend and kinda wondered the same thing. It seems like every Gottschalks fart is blessed with front page coverage as if they were single handedly employing half the city (that would be Pelco, kind sir). True, be they do report on it, be it bad or good, but it just sucks that I have to read a giant story about a company all the while I'm bombarded with ads for that very same company. I guess I don't have to read it....but, meh. It's not really my bag to get into what is & isn't ethical but a good point Mr. Hollak brings up nonetheless. Journalistic ethics? Shit, I don't know shit about them (you see?). But I write for this blog that my mom and like 3 of my friends read so I really don't need to employ them, right? But The Bee is the voice of the people....or so I've been told. So message to Gottschalks: I'll write all the fluff you want if you advertise with me, too. Shoot me an email and we can talk numbers, yeah? It'll definately be.....wait for it......a G Thang! *shutter*


joseph hollak said...

A 'G' thang, Roq?

Did you just use that in your post?

Hey, seriously, thanks for the mention regarding my post.

I guess my post is making the rounds, because my hit numbers are up.

I have nothing but respect for the windowed-office employees down at the Bee (e.g. the Editors), so my post was NOT a personal attack on anyone.

It was, however, a critique of what stories they deemed important enough to post the the Sunday front page.

In addition to an opinion piece on my part, I also questioned why they only run positive articles on a company that is paying them ad revs.

Any journalistic piece out of the Bee dealing with a major ad rev source has got to be a sensitive topic for the editors.

I also found it a shame that I was so distracted by the giant Gottschalks article instead of the other front page piece that had AMAZING photo and video visuals from Tomas.

The great thing about newspapers is once you make a mistake one day, it's a whole new product the following day and a chance to redeem yourself.

The Fresnan said...

You guys make good points, but I've also seen recently some big articles reporting how G's sales are way down.