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Thursday, March 6, 2008

NIN makes beautiful music; gives it out for free

Seems like major recording artists love to piss off recording label people's and give out free music. NIN front man Trent Reznor has decided to do the same with his latest offering Ghosts I, but that's not all. He has also given permission for people to use his music in their non-commercial creative projects, such as films and podcasts, following the footsteps of Moby with his venture to do the same. Awesome. So what's the catch? No catch. Not only has Reznor put this stuff out there, he's making Vols. I-IV available for $5 on his web site. So go download the Vol. I here (you'll need a BitTorrent client to download) and if you can spare the change, go buy the others. You'll get some good, free music plus you'll be helping to encourage other artist to follow suit. Thanks to Robert Anaforian for the info and don't forget to visit his site, One Picture's Worth.

1 comment:

Bryan Harley said...

This is very cool, and I hope they sell a lot. It'll be great sign for everyone else in the music industry to follow suit.