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Friday, March 21, 2008

Snake Eyes! We Win! First pics from the upcoming G.I. Joe film

Fuck, that looks dope. What more can I say. Look at a that shit, man! Look at those freakin' veins popping through his forearm! Damn...the fanboy meter in me is raging, all of a sudden. I used to own more than a few G.I. Joe's back in the days but I have to say, I haven't been to hyped up about the franchise heading to the big screen (at least not as bad as I was about Transformers), but these pics single handedly changes my status on that issue. Liquid awesome! Check out the full story here from Aintitcool and click on that second photo up there for a hi-res version for your Cobra-ass! G.I. Joe is set to hit theaters next year.


Mike Oz said...

Wow. Yeah, that's super dope. Thanks for posting.

PartyMarty said...

Wow. Yeah, fuck G.I.Joe. No, I haven't been sippin' on teh liquid hate, I just never liked G.I.Joe. I'd be surprised if this movie didn't lick shit-stained balls. I was never real big on military shit when I was a kid. Until Desert Storm, then I started building model kits of A-10 Warthogs and AH-64 Apaches (or as I liked to call them back then, Tank Killers). Never bought ONE single GI Joe as a kid except for Storm Shadow, because I thought "How does a ninja hide in the shadows in a white suit?" Think about it, it's gangster, I know. Plus, if Snake Eyes is a REAL ninja, we'll never see him in the movie. He'll be to busy hiding in the shadows. Psh, Hollywood. They need to make a live action Voltron movie that won't suck asshole. The OG Voltron with flying cars not that fuckin lion bullshit either. That'll make me about as happy as the first time I saw a vagina in real life. Oh wait, is Monica Bellucci playing The Baroness? If so I'm in. Kthnxbye.