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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wanna free demo to put that PSP to good use all while visiting M.C. Escher land?

The PSP has been (for me, at least) one of those purchases that I kinda regret. Yeah, it's provided me with some good times but those have been few and far in between. I guess the days of riding the bus home after school as I played my monochrome Gameboy, yearning for graphics comparable to those of my console at home kinda hyped me up and made me buy my dream portable when it was released. Thing is, I don't ride that bus anymore. But that's not to say I don't bust it out every once in a while. I with the release of this new Echochrome demo, I think I'll be doing just that! The game itself is hard to describe exactly but the whole premise is you guide a walking figure through "puzzles" that resemble the landscapes of M.C. Escher all while shifting the perspective to make sure your little lemming gets from Point A to Point B. Sounds dumb when I describe it here so check out this video instead:

Yup, pretty cool, huh? Head on over here to PSP Fanboy and there they will bless you with the instructions on how to get it on your system. Hmmmm.....that headline got me thinking. Has anyone used MC Escher as a rapper name? If not, I call dibs!

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