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Friday, March 14, 2008

Free, legal full length films on the internets?! Do tell....

I reported on Hulu a while back when they were still in beta and now they've moved beyond just offering TV shows and started hosting full length feature films for you to watch (with limited commercial interruption, of course) anytime, free of charge. This business model isn't something new but to see some major movie studios get behind a service and offer their product is cool. Yeah, the selection is minimal right now but they do offer some classics such ranging from Requiem For A Dream to Kagemusha to Three Amigos! The quality of the video is top notch and while your there, go ahead and check out clips from NBC shows along with many clips from other recent films. So when are we going to see free, commercial sponsored films on the iTunes Store? So for this round, check out Requiem For A Dream that I've embedded for you to get your mind blown (if you haven't seen it).....don't say I never did nothing for ya!

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