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Monday, March 31, 2008

Local comic strip Dead Days reaches No. 400

Like the great philosopher Xzibit once said : Procrastination like masturbation, your fucking yourself. I don't think I'll ever reach 400 of anything in my lifetime (maybe pounds?). That just reeks of dedication and hard work. Fuck that, I'll stick to my dragging of feet. So to hear that local artist John Rios has hit this milestone just kinda pisses me off. This guy has the focus and talent that I wish I did and has used it to create a wonderful world of funny characters, cool as hell artwork and witty dialogue .....well that just angers me. His stuff is good and consistent! I don't know what witch doctor this guy went to to get his gifts but I need to go to that guy. To bad about him being a jerk in real life. Yeah, he's an angry drunk who like to kick, no, PUPPIES! Yeah, that's it....kick puppies. True story (gotta do something to level the playing field, right? And what better way than to defame his name). Check out all his stuff over at his blog Dead Days and maybe he'll come on here one of these days and answer for his puppy kicking atrocities! Battle! Check out the 400th strip over at and be sure to leave a kind (or not so kind) word!


John Rios said...

Hey! Thanks for the post buddy! It's nice to visit one of your daily blogs and see your stuff on it! You're the man, man! I appreciate the jealousy. I'll know the feeling when I finally get to see your bitchin' film! Hell, all I can do is draw comics about people making movies while you're actually out there DOING IT! Makes me wanna go kick a puppy. Later!

PartyMarty said...

Wow, 400?! That's damn impressive. I guess I have some catching up to do. I've been a fan of this guys artwork since the first time I laid eyes on it a way back in your earlier years at the Collegian. Picked up a copy of Dead Days over at Heroes a while back. Rios, if you're reading this you need to sign my copy of Dead Days for me at the next Smash Bros. party. Congratulations on your 400th!