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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"They're all gonna laugh at you"— Guitar Hero On Tour announced today for Nintendo DS

Today, the newest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise was announced,"Guitar Hero On Tour" for the Nintendo DS. Guitar Hero on the go includes an add-on that will simulate the guitar buttons your oh so familiar with. Yeah....well, I guess if you NEED to look like a jackass as you walk down the mall playing Guitar Hero on your DS then this is the game for you. Sure the portability of the game is awesome and the fact that we will all undoubtedly see those spastic kids will provide us with endless hours of laughing at them. I mean, just look at this guy from that video:

Yeah, that's gonna help you with the ladies. Look, I like Guitar Hero, but c'mon, do you really need to play it at your dentist's office? Just make sure I'm there so I can laugh at you please. Check out IGN here for more info including pics of the game and peripheral. Can't wait!


John Rios said...

It's hard enough not to look like a jackass playing an ordinary DS in the mall. Trust me, I've tried and failed. I'd actually like to play this... in my own home away from the judging eyes of everyone. Or, I could just play the regular, more fun Guitar Hero.

Roque said...

Yeah, I'm slowly converting and considering buying a DS. Actually, I'm trying to convince Diana to buy one so I can play it:)

PartyMarty said...

That's almost as bad as when I first bought Guitar Hero II and didn't have a guitar to play it on. Remember when I bought that used guitar at EB Games? "So you've been playing Guitar Hero II without a guitar?"-EB Games Clerk.

Guitar Hero on DS, yeah I can see it now. That's about as sexy as walking around with a bright red super hero t-shirt. Might as well walk around the mall with a can of Pussy Repellent. OOOHH SICK BURN!!!!!

Sorry, I had to get you back for making fun of my new $6 shirt from Gottschalks.