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Friday, March 21, 2008

Dem Trailers: Surreal Edition

It's Good Friday and I can almost taste that first cup of coffee since I gave it up for Lent this year. (so close). And what better way to celebrate than by some new trailers!Standard Operating Procedure
From director Errol Morris (Fog Of War) comes this documentary on the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. Towards the end of the trailer, one of the guys describes the whole experience as "surreal" and it seems as if that's what the director was trying to do with this film. As you watch the trailer, you can see some really interesting shots (such as the one of the dog up there) that really help drive that point home. Visually, it seems to buck the trend of what a documentary-style film should look like. And change is always good. And I'm sure the touchy subject matter is gonna definitely turn even more heads. Check out the full trailer here.

The Fall
You remember The Cell starring pre-nutty Jeneifer Lopez and creepy Vince Vaughn? It was a stunning film to look at but not much else. Well director Indian director Tarsem (if I make it big, I'm going to go by "Roque" only and become a single name director, too) is back to bring us this little gem. The idea sounds freakin awesome and looks like a sure bet but another "wait until you see it" cause this might just be a case of style over substance again. But the story, this is the type of shit I want to see succeed and the type of movies that we need to see more of: pure storytelling. The type of experience you'd get from listening from another point of view and build your own world in your head. And it seems like that's something that Tarsem tries to do. Anyways, check out the trailer embedded here or go download it over at IGN here. Also, visit the Web Site for the film for all types of goodies here. Man, gotta love that "Figlio Perduto", though. Bastard stole my peice of music!

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