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Friday, March 7, 2008

Dem Trailers: Vol 2—Wanted Edition

Fuck, Wanted is gonna suck. There, I had to say it because that way when I actually see it, no amount of suckiness will contradict my preconceived notions. The graphic novel is something that will forever be one of most cherished pieces of modern art that will stay with me until the day I die (unless they find a cure for 44 stab wounds by then) and the film strays far (very far) from the source material. Swap "unionized superhero villains" with "unionized assassins" and you can see the discrepancies. But the gunplay they've showcased so far does arouse me to no end (I can't wait to head out to The Range to see if I'm one of the few who can "curve" a bullet). Oh well, so instead of Lex Luthor we get Miguel Bain. Mark Millar (author of the graphic novel) has seen the film and has said he liked it so maybe it will be good....but I'm sticking to my notion of it sucking. Hopefully, I will be surprised come June 27th. If not, I'll always have my graphic novel to go back to. Check out the new HD trailer here or stream it right here:
">Wanted Exclusive Trailer

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Bryan Harley said...

I'll see it because it was shot with the RED ONE.

roQue said...

Yeah, that's for a whole other posting. Download the 1080p version and you can see how BAD the blacks look.....a crap load of artifacts everywhere! Damn....

John Rios said...

Isn't there Angelina boob in this movie? No, wait, I'm thinking of EVERY MOVIE EVER MADE SINCE ANGELINA WAS OF LEGAL AGE TO BE NAKED ON FILM. Yes, that includes "Enchanted." I'll probably rent Wanted.