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Friday, March 28, 2008

The DUmb #3 • Requiem For A Podcast

Two podcasts in one week?! Crazy, yeah. But we're here to provide you with solid entertainment, right? This week we have special-special guests to help carry the topics:

• Bryan Harley - writer/director/creator of AMF Productions
• Adrian Rodriguez - publisher of
• Robert Anaforian - writer, The Dumb/creator,

This edition's topics include all things film, summer movies, the Academy Awards, the future of movie theaters, digital distribution and we offer free technical support for our friends over at Fresno Famous. BTW, swing by their site and don't forget to vote for us under the "Best Blog (or Blogger)" and "Best Podcast" categories. Voting ends this Sunday, Mar. 30th. Thanks for your vote!! Special shout out again to for hosting our podcasts! They are currently starting a promo where you can win free Grizzlies tickets when you register at the site so check it out! Everyone likes free shit, right?

Download The DUmb here!

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