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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dem Trailers: The Incredible Hulk trailer fails to SMASH!

Ang Lee's Hulk....yeah, it was cool. Just to see a big ass, CGI version of the green bastard tear shit up on the big screen was cool. Everything else....pretty crap. Ang Lee really tried too hard to create a unique peice of art that really just didn't translate well on screen. Whatever. So now we have Ed Norton taking over for Eric Bana and Liv Tyler (hot) stepping in for Jennifer Connelly (even hotter) in this reset. It didn't bowl me over quite like the Iron Man trailer did but I'll take a wait and see stance on this bad boy. Check it embedded after the break or download the HD version here.


Bryan Harley said...

It was OK. Hulk looks pretty much the same, doesn't he? I have hopes for Ed Norton though.

And whats with Hulk's nemesis... Fish Hulk?

Roque said...

HA! Fish Hulk! That was a great one!