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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The battle over Iron Man 2

So Iron Man was released in May and made a shit ton of money. Not even a week after it release, Marvel had announced Iron Man 2 for the summer of 2010. The director, Jon Favreau, is at this pint not involved whatsoever in the deal. So what's the deal? Well, it seems like even though Favreau delivered what at this point is the biggest movie of the summer, Marvel Studios head David Maisel is not willing to give Favreau the money he deserves. Aintitcool has a good write up on the situation over here and has the original story which you can check out here. So after enduring all the bullshit Marvel movies, we finally get a film worth of the material and they're is ready to fuck it all up again and begin making the same mistakes from the past. That's when we end up with shit like this, and this, and don't forget this. Although the fanboy in me got all giddy when those upcoming release dates were announced last month, realistically, there is no way a quality film can be made and meet those deadlines. There's no way. So I pray that Maisel wakes the fuck up and realizes what needs to be done to keep this ball rolling in the right direction and gets the right team formed. And that means Favreau gets what he deserves: Iron Man 2.


Mike Oz said...

Iron Man 2 is gonna end up like Aqua Man 2

brodiemash said...

Well, if they can get Kevin Smith to write this one as well, I say "Fuck Favreau!"