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Friday, April 18, 2008

You better get (get) that (that) dirt off yo shoulda.

We haven't dipped into the political madness of the elections this year, becuase there are plenty of blogs out there doing it, and frankly, probably doing it better than we could really manage it, so while this breaks the mold a bit, well...try it anyways. C'mon...seriously, how many political candidates have you seen throwing down their Jay-Z in front of any number of people? Go check out the Hova move at 2:26. Yeah, he calls out the media (ABC in particular, if you're wondering what debate he was talking about) and political infighting, but who cares? Everyone remember, this was the candidate that started the Hip-Hop trend of politics. In twelve years we'll have a candidate with gold teefs.

1 comment:

Roque said...

Dude's just so personable. Either way, I think the other side's gonna have an uphill battle come November.