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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dem Trailers + News

Yeah, I bit your headline Roq. Continuity for the win. Anyways, news first, trailers second, contrary to said chewed-upon headline. AICN reports that the next Superman movie may have an "angry god" vibe, according to Thomas Tull of Legendary pictures. There isn't much else about that flick, but a bit of speculation, and sourceage here.

Prince Caspian
Well they amped up the fighting in this trailer, didn't they? Looks like a bunch of very angry PG-ish action. Somehow the fact that Disney is making this film makes me feel like it's all going to be a bunch of G.I. Joe cartoon battles, where everyone is shooting but nobody gets hurt. This disappoints me, and taints my perception of some cool effects and such, but there you has it.

Since SOME people around this blog don't entirely share my epic vision of Wall-E as being the greatest film that will play in 2008 (although these folks are on the Wall-train) this little TV spot is being put up to change some minds. The first couple trailers were sparse, and showed Wall-E alone and interacting with his daily life, but this one takes him out of the element we've seen, and only adds to the excitement about this movie's approach. I love it so hard. So hard.


Bryan Harley said...

I can see the Wall-E animated TV show spin offs already

Roque said...

It's weird being on this side of the fence. But the Narnia....looks cool. Wall-E.....looks cool. Why isn't there more Iron Man in your post?