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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spielberg "handling" Ghost in the Shell

Sooo, as you may or may not have heard, Dreamworks has got its grubby little hands on the Ghost in the Shell movie privs'. According to Variety, they intend to make it a live action(yess!) 3-d(god nooo!) feature to be written by the Street Kings guy(what?). In the post they play up the fact that Avi Arad(mixed bag) is producing and that he is at the "forefront of comic-based material". Forgetting the whole manga don't equal comics thing, does "producing" the Spiderman series as well as three X-Men's and two Fantastic Fourses give you enough cred' to handle Masamune Shirow's sublime tale? Nay, says I. Verily, I say to thee, Nay! Anywho, they totally skip over the big question... Will Spielberg direct(says its one of his favs, natch')?? As awesome as he can be the potential is there for suck(Lost world anyone??). Check out the full story here from


Roque said...

Well, Spielberg was able to bring Transformers to the big screen (with mixed results) but most anime-to-film productions always end up in development purgatory. We'll see what happens with this one....I can't wait to punch people when they say "Man, this just ripped off the Matrix!" BOP!

PartyMarty said...

This movie better be fucking amazing.