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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Local documentary Carissa to be shown at Fresno Film Festival this weekend reported a while back on the Carissa Project, a redevelopment program for Fresno's prostitution haven known as Motel Row (you can check out the full story here) spearheaded by Carissa Phelps. Well besides getting national media attention, a documentary named simply Carissa was filmed here in town which follows the life of Phelps as she tells her story of growing up as a prostitute after her mother abandoned her all the way to what lead her to change her life around and decide to make sure that others wouldn't have to follow her path. This weekend, the film, directed by David Sauvage, will be screened at the 2008 Fresno Filmworks Fresno Film Festival on Sunday at 2pm. Although the filmmakers aren't from around here, I would count this as a local film in my book and we need to support these kind of projects. There are a million stories here and they all need people to step up and tell them. Check out the official Web Site for the film here for more information and check out the trailer embedded above to catch a glimpse of the inspirational story. Below this is a story coming from and gives us even more footage of the film. Definitely don't want to miss this one.

1 comment:

anna said...

sounds pretty cool, i would love to see it. If you don't mind can u send me the info on the festival. Louie doesn't work maybe we can go..... crazy the things that happen here where we live but if it doesn't affect us we don't acknowledge it..