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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miller shows his Spirit (and Sins!)

E-Dub got some information out of the man himself about The Spirit and Sin City 2. Interesting tidbits are that he's writing Sin City 2 with his eye on completing a trilogy. Rumors of Johnny Depp's involvement have been officially quashed, while Angelina Jolie remains an open door as someone Miller would "love to work with."

As far as The Spirit goes, Miller says it'll be a clash of old and new, with 50's Caddys and cellys. There is also a little nugget about his next comic, something already 122 pages deep and a "love letter to New York." Check out the full interview here!

1 comment:

Roque said...

Dude looks so bad ass in that pic....yeah, no Johnny Depp: FAIL! But still looking forward to seeing Jolie get the Sin City treatment! Now where's that damn Batman Vs. Osama Bin Laden book at?!