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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The DUmb #4 • Titanium Toe Rings

Your Tuesday not going good? Well cheer up cause the newest episode of The DUmb is ready for you to download and enjoy. This week we dive deep into nerd lore when Martinez from GraFight Junkie joins Dumb Drum contributer Robert Anaforian & myself in a in depth discussion on the Vintage Days over at Fresno State, New York Comic Convention, quick movie reviews, Fresno Filmworks 2008 Film Festival, Uwe Boll and we drop some hints on our swede that is done filming and will soon be up here for you all to tear up and, hopefully, come up with some better stuff. Listen to it & leave us some comments. Thanks again to for hosting the podcast for us.

Download The DUmb #4 Here!

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