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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Officially official: Del Toro directing The Hobbit films

Yup, Del Toro will be directing both Hobbit films. Yeah, it's old news but I felt that we needed to close the chapter on this story and wait for the long silence between now and when the first info pops up on the films. Del Toro has stated that the whole process will take him around 5 years or so to do and is planning on moving to New Zealand to join Peter Jackson's team. 2011 or 2012 is the rough date they're giving for the release of the films. White Wizard extraordinaire Ian McKellan has confirmed in this interview with Empire Magazine that he will indeed be returning to the role of Gandalf in the films. Now we play the waiting game....Read the whole story over at Variety here.


edluv said...

who are going to be playing the hobbits?

barrazie said...

I'll take DelToro over Jackson any day. HELLBOY 2 woot!

barrazie said...

plus he's keepin it real, fools still chubby!!

anna said...

not to excited maybe when it gets closer.....but i had enough hobbit action in lord of the rings