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Monday, April 14, 2008

Dem Trailers: Man on Fire Edition

Speed Racer
For the last couple of months, it seems like a new trailer has been released every other week for this film. Not a single one of those has gotten me the least excited about the film. This trailer changed all of that (amazing how a trailer can change the entire tone of a film) and it's now officially on my Cool-dar®. Check it out in HD over at by clicking here and see if the Wachowski Brothers have their next big franchise in their hands.

Lakeview Terrace
Oh, Sam Jackson...what will you do next? Dude always has me on edge wondering what his next project is going to be, seeing that he does at least 6 or 10 films a year. I can never get enough of Mace Windu. But for every Unbreakable, we get 2 The Man's. So here he seems to be channeling his Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas role of a corrupt cop only this time he's messing with the neighbors. Will I see this in the theatre? Probably not, as Sam Jackson films are usually DVD fodder for me. But check out the trailer here and see for yourself.

American Teen
A modern day Breakfast Club, a pull-quote in the trailer claims (the film's movie poster even bites the classic). Never seen it, but it's in my stack of discs waiting for me to go through at home as you read this. The parallels in the documentary between rural Indiana & good ol' Fresno might strike home for many people here locally as it seems like everyone always wants to get out of this "stinky" town. And of course, I'm going too identify with the Geek character in the film. But the film looks like it can go either way, at this point. Will it be a "Laguna Beach in Indiana"? Perhaps. But that last shot in the trailer.....yeah, that makes me think otherwise. Check it out here to go back to your high school days, if only for a couple of minutes. And I'm calling that the basketball dude doesn't come through....


PartyMarty said...

Bah, I still think Speed Ricer is ghey. Ghey-dar went off like I was watching a trailer for Brokeback. Samuel L is the man, I love watching all his flicks. He was especially dope in Jackie Brown, Mace Windu....not so much. Hurry up and watch that Breakfast Club, what the hells you waitin' for. BTW, I'mma need that one back, so watch it quickly so I can haz another viewing.

Roque said...

A live action Mario Kart?! Yeah, alright... I'll go see Speed Racer and so will you.