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Friday, April 11, 2008

Parenting at it's best; two men kissing more harmful than severed heads in video games

According to a poll taken by parent-oriented site What They Play, 27% of parents claimed that two men kissing was bad while 26% listed a graphically severed head as most harmful. Yup, I think Joystiq said it best in their headline: Welcome To America! Really, seeing dude kiss another dude is worse than seeing that same dude get his head cut off? Maybe if it was a gay guy getting his head cut off, then would that be okay? Fucken least it's good to see that use of the F-word finished last. Not that I use that word very often or anything. Anyways, I began to wonder, what would our readers think about this. I mean, I'm sure we have some parents among our readers but in polling everyone instead of just parents, what is worse in our video games? And hence, our new poll was born. Swing by over there to the right and let us know how you would answer to this poll. This story comes via


anna said...
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anna said...

I'm gonna have to say violence is definately most disturbing and harmful in any form.... however i am going to place my vote for the couple having sex as number one....that is just a huge door of issues to deal with in it's own way... as for the 2 guys kissing please..that shouldn't even be a category what harm could that really do

PartyMarty said...

I'll not even post a comment about this one. You guys know the deal. I can haz severed heads?

Battledrill said...

If you think about it severed heads have been around since the sheperd days, Everyday you hear your grandma drop F bombs, A man and a woman having sex happens in your parents bedroom every other night, and yet 2 men kissing is still a rarity now at days. As harsh as it may seem I stick to a very crude view on life. In this world there are 2 types of people, those with kids and those without.

Roque said...

Although your allude to two boys kissing as being the worst on your list, is that what you think is more harmful to your kids?