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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Uwe Boll responds to online petition to stop him from making movies; shows up swinging

Uwe Boll is amazing. I'll got out on a limb and say he's quite possibly the ballsiest director I've ever seen, pulling of such PR gems like setting up boxing matches between him and his critics, creating a 9/11 themed teaser trailer for one of his abortions and now this: calling out Hollywood heavy hitters like Michael Bay (who no doubt thinks this, too, is AWESOME!), George Clooney & Eli Roth. Last week, Boll commented during an interview on a petition that was started to get him to stop making movies. When the director of such awesomely horrible films such as House Of The Dead, Alone In The Dark & In The Name Of The King was asked how many signatures it would take for him to stop, he gave the magic number of one million. And the people raged to get the thing signed and is currently at 163,205 signatures. And with that surge, Boll posted the video up there to rally his fans to get a rival petition started. This guy..... Now normally, this would excite me to no end, to see an underdog call out the big dogs and see the ensuing fight. But Boll is different. He's not the underdog I usually root for but rather the asshole who you can't wait to see get his ass kicked. And Boll knows this and he's using it much to his advantage and I gotta give him props for that (I guess). But this guy will forever be but merely a footnote in cinema history and he'll never, no mater what kinda stunt he pulls next. At least he's good for a laugh, though. Swing by here if you feel you need to sign the anti-Boll petition. If your pro-Boll, by all means head over here to sign up. And lets keep our fingers crossed that Boll's next stunt lives up to the hype!

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