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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Red Band trailers: Do they actually work?

Red band trailers have been around for a while but they seems to have been even more prevalent recently with the advancement of the internet age. But to me, they never really seem to work. I mean, I've never seen a red band trailer change my mind about a film after seeing it. And the same goes for the latest one I saw for the upcoming Keanu Reeves film Street Kings.of which they've released 2 this very week, both of which you can see here exclusively at Filled with bullets and blood, the trailers show a lot of the film but what the failed to show me was a reason to go see this film. But it did bring up a good question: Are these red band trailers very effective? I mean, I see more harm than good in which the people who are going to go out and seek these trailers (because you'll never see these trailers on Yahoo! or are more than likely already going to go see the film. Last year, there was a red band trailer out months before the release of Superbad. Is that what made the movie such a success? Perhaps, but that film already had a built in audience, as opposed to this film, of which I've only heard of last month or so when the first trailer was released. Please, by all means, chime in. Have you ever been more or less influenced by a red band trailer?


John Rios said...

Nope, not really. But I do enjoy seeing the boobies and blood without actually having to see the movie. :)

Roque said...

Free boobies & blood are a pretty convincing argument!