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Monday, April 21, 2008

Wanna see Gandhi get arrested for tagging? Check out The Wackness trailer

This film has got some good rumblings going through the net ever since it debuted at Sundance and the trailer has finally least the first one that I know of on the internet. Described as a "love letter to the early 90's" by, I look forward to seeing this hit the mainstream pretty soon with a better version of the trailer. I've been waiting for a film to come along and explore those hey-days of mine; the music, the clothes, the women....or lack thereof. Visit the official site here & comment away on what you thought of the trailer.


Robert said...

What? Shit looks dope!!

PartyMarty said...

It had me at the first shot. Bong rips and mixtapes. Bad!!!

adrian said...

Holy F-H, that's cool. Yeah Ben Kingsley, remember we just talked about that dude being in the Sopranos!? Crazy. I think he's a great actor so I'm a bit worried he's going off the shallow end like Robert Dinero did for a few movies.

BTW Gandhi is spelled Gandhi, not Ghandi. I hate to see it misspelled! You need to issue a correction for that!

Also check out my myspace page,, where I got a funny freestyle battle on my blog.

Roque said...

Hope ABC 30 got a screenshot of that headline! Thanks for the heads up!

Battledrill said...

Good looks on this trailer, I have a feeling this will be my Breakfast Club.