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Monday, April 28, 2008

Boll against Bay.

So Roque is like "hey Robert, check out this Uwe Boll thing about him and Michael Bay" So I went. It's golden. From the second line I'm just dying. "You see my outfit, know what's coming up now basically. Tscheyah." Oh man. I can't even do it justice, just watch. Uwe explains it all way better than I could ever do.


Battledrill said...

Brodie got mashed at work. PWNT.

PartyMarty said...

I'd like to punch Boll in the head myself.

Roque said...

You gotta remember, dude is a boxer. He'd probably rock most non-boxer type people like ourselves. Better watch out, Boll might be reading this and take you up on your offer....he's just that crazy!

PartyMarty said...
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